Skeptical about the abilities of pet psychics?

Pet Psychic Hilary’s ability to locate missing pets has been featured on ABC TV Evening news, WRCBTV and more!

Find out how Hilary helped locate the missing pets below.

Lost dog found in New York by Pet Psychic.
Pet psychic helps locate lost puppy in Maryland.
Missing California kitten located by Pet Psychic.
Pet Psychic Helps Find Missing Dog in Texas.
Stolen dog, recovery, pet tracking, Pet Psychic, Mississippi, animal communication, tv news story

Why this cat left, and why he came home.

Runaway puppy found twice!

Kitten's Big Adventure.

Closure. In Memory of Kaylee.

Stolen dog recovered.

Need help locating a lost dog, cat, bird, horse or other animal? 

The questions Pet Psychic Hilary can ask your lost or stolen pet are below:

  • What do you see and hear?

  • About how far are you from your home?

  • Are you indoors or outdoors?

  • If there are people near you, can you describe their appearance?

  • Have you heard anyone calling for you?

  • Are you injured or deceased?

Would you like to solve your animal friend's behavioral problems?

Communicating with your pet in a way they can understand can help change unwanted behaviors such as aggression, litter box problems, anxiety, pets that don’t get along, excessive barking and more.  Pet Psychic Hilary uses pet psychology to help your misbehaving pets learn skills to lead a happier life and a more enjoyable relationship for the both of you.

Dog Aggression How To Solve, When Dogs Do Not Get Along
Pet Psychic helps dog overcome fear based behavior, anxiety, fear of strangers
Learn how a pet psychic can help you learn what your animals friends in spirit are thinking. Pet Psychic, pet medium, pet channeling

When cats eliminate inappropriately.

Fearful cat coaxed out of her hiding place.

Aggressive no more!

What Kind of Questions Can I Ask My Pet?

 Most animals are just waiting to share their insights, opinions and love with the humans who are most important in their lives. Here are  just some  of the questions I have asked animals.


  • Why does my dog bark persistently? 

  • How would my animal friend feel about introducing a new pet in our household? 

  • Is my horse ready to ride again after an injury or would it be better to wait? 

  • What does my pet feel about euthanasia and other pet care decisions? 

  • Why does my cat eliminate outside the litter box? 

  • How do I best meet my animal friend's needs during times of convalescence? 

  • What can I do to help create better cooperation from my animal friend who is acting out? 

  • Where is my lost animal located? 

  • How does my animal companion feel about upcoming changes in my life such as divorce, marriage or moving to a new location? 

  • How is my deceased animal friend doing? Is there anything she wants to share with me? 

  • Is my animal friend happy and satisfied with her life? 

  • Is there anything my pet would like to tell me?


 What is so wonderful about animals is that you can expect an answer that comes straight from their hearts that reflects their love and  respect for  you.

Imagine Knowing What Your Pet Is Thinking


Have you seen Sonya Fitzpatrick on Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic" television show and wondered what’s on your dog or cat’s mind? An pet psychic medium session can help you create a more loving and rewarding relationship with your dog, cat, horse,  bird and other small animal friends. 

United States and International Telephone and Skype Locations Served

Pet Psychic Hilary has communicated with animals throughout the United States, United States Virgin Islands, Australia, Canada, French Republic, France, Germany, Iraq, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Republic of Panama, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom listed below. She offers both telephone readings and Skype internet telephone sessions. If you would like to set up an appointment for your pet, please call my office at #206-782-7815 or email Hilary at or fill out the "set up appointment" page of my web site.  I look forward to helping you and your animal friends.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.


United States:


Alabama - Culman *


Arizona - Bullhead City*, Chandler *, Phoenix * Tucson *


California - Antioch *, Beverly Hills *, Cathedral City *, Downey *, Fairfax *, Fresno *, Hollywood  *, Huntington Beach *, La Mesa *, Los Angeles *, Malibu *, Malibu Beach *, Marina *, Meadow Park *, Monte Bello *, Oakland *, Ortona *, Rivera *, Riverside *, San Jose *, San Luis Obispo *, Sherman Oaks *, Sylman *, Temecula *, Union City *, West Hollywood *, Whittier *,

Colorado - Durango *

Connecticut - Cornwall Bridge *


Florida - Fort Meyers *,Gulf Port *,  Lutz *, Panama City *, Sarasota *, Tampa *

Georgia - Atlanta *, Buford*, Decatur *

Hawaii - Pahoa *


Illinois - Evanston*, Skokie *, Wheaton *, Will County *

Indiana - Bend *, Bloomington *, Dyer *, Fort Wayne *


Kansas - Kansas City *,

Louisiana - Thibodaux * 
Maryland - Baltimore *, Montgomery Village *, Perry Hall *,

Rosedale *

Massachusetts - Amherst *,  Billeria *, Falmouth *

Michigan - Huntington Woods *, Linden *

Minnesota - Le Center *

Mississippi - Corinth *, Enterprise *

Missouri - Kansas City *
Montana - Polson *
Nevada - Las Vegas *, Manhattan *

New Hampshire
New Jersey - Clifton *, Edison *, Harrington Park *, Lake Hopatcong *, Morristown *, Plainsboro *, Southampton *, West Milford *

New Mexico-  Albuquerque *, Mesquite *,
New York - *, Astoria *, Brooklyn *, Ellicottville *, Long Island *, Medford *, New York City *, Scarsdale *, Shelter Island *, West Seneca *, Woodstock *, Yonkers *, Yorktown Heights *

North Carolina - Charlotte * Fairview *,  High Point * 
North Dakota
Ohio - Columbus *, Dublin *, Cincinnati *, Huber Heights *, Pepper Pike *

Oregon - Ashland *, Beaverton * Eugene *, Portland*

Pennsylvania - Langhorne *, Virginville *

Rhode Island - Providence *
South Carolina - Bamberg *
South Dakota
Tennessee -  Germantown *, Murfreesboro *, New Braunfels *
Texas - Austin *, Crosby *, Houston*, Wakes Village *

Utah - Aurora *, Roy *, Springville *

United States Virgin Islands - Saint Thomas *,

Virginia - Afton *, Charlottesville *, Fairfax *, Huntington *

Washington - Bellingham *, Bellevue *, Camano Island *, Kent *, Medical Lake *, Olympia *, Redmond *, Roy *, Seattle *, Shoreline *, Spokane *, Tacoma *, Tukwila *, Vancouver *, Wintrop *, Yakima *

Washington, D.C
West Virginia - Huntington *

Wisconsin - Madison *


Pet Psychic Hilary offers telephone and Skype consultations to the international locations listed below.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.

Australia - Sydney, New South Wales *


French Republic - France

Guatemala - Carretera Fraijanes *



Iraq *


Italy *




New Zealand - Auckland *

Republic of Panama

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom UK - Durham *

United States *

United States Virgin Islands *

Locations served by Pet Psychic include the United States and international locations.

Set Up An Appointment


For All Appointments


You can make appointments in advance either by phone at # 206-782-7815 or by filling out the Appointment Form on this page and clicking "Send Email".

How Soon Can I Schedule an Appointment?


Most appointments can be completed within the same or next day.


Does Pet Psychic Hilary offer international appointments?


Yes! Hilary offers phone consultations throughout the United States and International Countries.

Please fill out the form below with a date and time that is convenient for you, then click "Submit  Appointment Form" I will get back to you shortly.

Once an appointment has been set, please call me at 206-782-7815 on the set day and time.

I look forward to talking with you.

To Pay for an Appointment


I require payment in advance for new clients. Two payment options are available:


  • Pay by Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit or debit cards using the secure PayPal links below. Once you pay using the PayPal Secure System, both you and I will be sent a receipt acknowledging your purchase and we can proceed. 


  • Pay by phone - I can take your Mastercard, Visa or Discover credit card information by telephone.

PayPal Secure Payment Click on one of the secure PayPal icons below to pay for your consultation.

Lost Pet Service - 125.

General Consultation - 105.

Additional Animal Service - 50.

Reiki Healing Service - 30.

Appointment Cancellation and Refund Policy:

All sales are non-refundable. You may reschedule up to 24 hours before your session time.

Cancellation and missed appointments within 24 hours of appointment time forfeits the session time / money paid.

Additional Services for Returning Clients:

10 Minute Coaching Call - 30.

(Please note, this service does not include time communicating with your pet.)

Lost Animal Consultations


Please note: Lost animal consultations include time working with your animal to figure out where he/she is, if they are inside or outside, healthy or injured. I cannot guarantee that your pet will be returned once I have communicated with them or had them describe their location to me. The longer the animal has been away, the more difficult it is to find them. While I will do everything within my abilities to support you in your efforts to locate your animal friend, I can make no guarantees of their return. What I can provide are clues that may be helpful to you in your search.

If you need help locating a lost animal, it is helpful if you can provide a recent picture of your pet and provide a hand-drawn map of your neighborhood where your animal friend was last seen. On the map, show your home and the door your pet usually enters and exits, any hills or landmarks your pet might be familiar with (such as houses where a neighbor who feeds him lives, dogs that live down the street, etc). This map does not need to be perfect or even to scale. What I am looking for is a general idea of the neighborhood in which you and your animal live.

Sending a Picture of Your Pet


It is helpful, but not necessary, for me to have a picture of your pet to refer to during my consultation. If there is more than one animal in your home, a picture can help me tune in to the right pet.


Click here to send a picture of your pet

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