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Need help locating a lost pet or solving your pet's behavioral problem?

Watch below as a skeptical TV news reporter investigates Hilary's ability to find missing animals.

Watch a TV news video about how Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance finds lost cats and dogs. The TV news video includes a testimonial from a Police Chief in Mississippi about how Pet Psychic Hilary helped locate a stolen dog. A Redmond, Washington woman testifies how Pet Psychic Hilary helped find her missing cat.

Watch below to find out how Pet Psychic Hilary helped a Tennessee family find their missing dog.

Watch a TV news video about how Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance helped a Tennessee family locate their missing dog. The video includes testimonial from a dog owner who is happy to have her dog Kipper safe at home again.

Want to learn what your pet is thinking?

Thank you for visiting my web site. Please read the case histories below to learn how communicating with your pet in a way they can understand can help change unwanted behavior, locate lost pets, and create cooperation and a more fully enjoyable relationship for both of you.

Would you like to solve your animal friend's behavioral problems?

Discover how animal communication helps dogs overcome jealous behavior and sibling rivalry Learn how Animal Communicator Hilary Renaissance helped solve litter box problems See how a fearful stray dog becomes a trusting pet In memory of Charly, beloved cat who passed over unexpectedly Discover how animal communication helped Ashley the cat return home safely Discover how animal telepathy and pet psychology helped this cat overcome aggressive behavior

Need help locating a lost pet?

Learn how a Holli in New York found her puppy with a pet psychic's help Rufus the cat is home safe and sound with increased self-esteem! Learn how Catherine S. enlisted the help of a pet psychic to locate Belle the Dachshund - twice! Kitten disappears. Learn where this clever kitty was hiding! In memory of Kaylee, beloved pet When someone is keeping your pet

Imagine Knowing What Your Pet Is Thinking

Have you seen Sonya Fitzpatrick on Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic" television show and wondered what’s on your cat’s mind? Discover how animal communication can help you create a more loving and rewarding relationship with your dog, cat, horse, bird and other small animal friends.

Animal Communicator Hilary Renaissance uses pet psychology to help your lost or misbehaving pets learn skills to lead a happier life. Behavior problems or running away can be eliminated or reduced.

Would you like to know what your pet is thinking but unsure of what to ask? Listen to these commonly asked questions for ideas.

Learn how YOU can communicate with your animal friends in a fun, interactive 2-day animal communication workshop.

Schedule a private phone consultation with Hilary.

Learn more about pet psychics, animal communicators and animal telepathy.

See how people have improved their relationships with their pets in these real life behavior stories and lost and found pet stories.


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