Welcome to my found pet blog. 
You will find heart warming case histories and testimonials of how Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator Hilary Renaissance helped find lost cats, dogs, birds, a turtle, a squirrel and, even, a pet skunk. The reviews come from Hilary's clients throughout the United States and international locations. (Interestingly, you might notice that early on in her career, Pet Psychic Hilary was working mostly with women as clients, but as the popularity of pet psychics increased, you will notice that more and more men are contacting Hilary for help with their pets!) I hope you enjoy reading each case history.

Watch a video of dog owner Kathleen's excitement as her dog Cash is pulled out of a 200 foot deep drainage pipe in Temecula, California. Kathleen used the help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance to locate her dog who had been missing for 6 days after the dog ran off from the owner's job site. Pet Psychic Hilary communicated with Cash to find out where he was located. Cash showed Pet Psychic Hilary that he was about 2 miles away from where he was last seen, near a rectangular shaped, beige colored building, a tarp and a long road in the distance.

Kathleen was overjoyed to find her lost dog Cash where Pet Psychic Hilary suggested. Kathleen found about 2 miles away, near the rectangular shaped, beige colored building, the tarp and the long road in the distance. The drainage pipe where Cash was trapped was so deep that a pipe fitter had to be hired to pull Cash out with a rope and pully. Everyone was amazed that Cash has survived for 7 days at the bottom of a pipe with out food and water! Cash is home in now. He received antibiotics for his injuries from the fall, a steak dinner and a bath!

Pet owner Kathleen of Temecula, California texted this review and testimonial of Pet Psychic's ability to help locate her lost dog:

"We found our cash boy!! I hired a pipe inspection company today to go down with a crawler type camera. This pipe had no exit. They went down almost 200 feet and found him alive! You gave us so many clues to go by we knew he was close by and we hung onto the fact that he had probably hadn't crossed over yet! Thank you so much for your help we are so grateful. Here is a picture of a sweet face when the camera got a glimpse of him in the pipe."

Erin of El Reno, Oklahoma contacted me because her cat Hissy had been missing for 8 days. Erin feared for the worst because Hissy normally stuck close to their yard. Erin decided to call a lost pet psychic, found my web site and decided to give it a try.

When I communicated with Hissy. He shared the good news! He showed me that he had been eating from a light colored cat's food dish about 3 blocks away. He also showed me that he was near a basketball hoop, a gray or beige building, a tarp that was covering an barbecue grill or large object, there was a gate made of vertical posts with bushes on one side. Hissy showed me he was planning on coming home, but he was still "lording it over" the light colored cat that he was eating out of that cat's food dish.

3 hours later, Erin called me to share that Hissy was home!

Erin shared that she found the basketball hoop and then was amazed to see all of the other things that Hissy had described including the tarp and gate. Erin cautiously walked around the area and called Hissy's name quietly, but then she left with the intention to come back later and look again when the neighborhood was quieter.

By the time Erin got home, her car unloaded and listened to her voice mails, Hissy was meowing at the back door! Erin remarked that it was like he wanted her to know that he could come and go from a door other than his usual pet door now.

Erin of El Reno, Oklahoma wrote in review of my lost pet psychic services, "This was the best money I have spent! I couldn't believe it."

Linda of Hansville, Washington contacted a pet psychic because her dog Cooper had gone missing earlier that morning. Linda was worried about Cooper because he always came home when called. Linda and her husband had searched her large rural property and their neighbors’ properties, but Cooper seemed to have vanished. Linda realized that she needed help to narrow her search area for Cooper because the search area was so big or, possibly, that someone could have taken Cooper.

Linda contacted me.

When I communicated with Cooper, he showed me that he was alive! He was within 1 ½ miles of their home, he had run through some trees and come to a chicken or bird coop, chicken wire, there was a pick-up truck that was blue and also silver, it smelled like a man worked there, there was one very large animal in the distance that looked like a horse, there was a utility building or garage that is a dark color near by and that cooper was scared and lost.

When I shared this information with Linda and her husband, they said Cooper’s description of he location fit a nearby neighbor who raises birds for a hobby. Apparently, Linda and her husband had not visited that neighbor because they thought the area was in an area that Cooper would be unlikely to visit.

Thankfully, several days later, they found Cooper on the property next to the area I described! There was a blue and silver pick-up truck and a horse, the buildings and everything else Cooper had shared. Cooper was exhausted.

Linda of Hansville, Washington wrote a text message thank you and testimonial about using my lost pet psychic services.

“Hi Hilary,

When you told us what Cooper was seeing, we knew where he was! They had a blu/silver pickup. 2 big horses, geese, chicken wire, 4 buildings with the colors and one of their tenants a man, that comes and go, lots of horse manure, even some bear scats.

Yesterday I had surgery so friends looked again on the property. It was so amazing the details you gave us.

All the neighbors in our area were looking for Cooper. Turns out , he was in the next street over. Neighbors saw him running on the beach and were able to grab him.

He was very cold shaky, and wet (Rainy season now). He was very tired.

So Cooper is home, resting, staying warm....

Thank you! You have a “God given talent” that actually had results!”

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Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance has communicated with animals throughout the United States, United States Virgin Islands, Australia, Canada, French Republic, France, Germany, Iraq, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Republic of Panama, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom listed below. She offers both telephone readings and Skype internet telephone sessions. If you would like to set up an appointment for your pet, please call my office at #206-782-7815 or email Hilary at hilary@calmpet.com or fill out the "set up appointment" page of my web site.  I look forward to helping you and your animal friends.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.

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Alabama - Culman *


Arizona - Bullhead City*, Chandler *, Phoenix * Tucson *


California - Antioch *, Beverly Hills *, Cathedral City *, Downey *, Fairfax *, Fresno *, Hollywood  *, Huntington Beach *, La Mesa *, Los Angeles *, Malibu *, Malibu Beach *, Marina *, Meadow Park *, Monte Bello *, Oakland *, Ortona *, Rivera *, Riverside *, San Jose *, San Luis Obispo *, Sherman Oaks *, Sylman *, Temecula *, Union City *, West Hollywood *, Whittier *,

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Georgia - Atlanta *, Buford*, Decatur *

Hawaii - Pahoa *


Illinois - Evanston*, Skokie *, Wheaton *, Will County *

Indiana - Bend *, Bloomington * Fort Wayne *


Kansas - Kansas City *,

Louisiana - Thibodaux * 
Maryland - Baltimore *, Montgomery Village *, Perry Hall *,

Rosedale *

Massachusetts - Amherst *,  Billeria *, Falmouth *

Michigan - Huntington Woods *, Linden *

Minnesota - Le Center *

Mississippi - Corinth *, Enterprise *

Missouri - Kansas City *
Montana - Polson *
Nevada - Las Vegas *, Manhattan *

New Hampshire
New Jersey - Clifton *, Edison *, Harrington Park *, Lake Hopatcong *, Morristown *, Plainsboro *, Southampton *, West Milford *

New Mexico Mesquite *,
New York - *, Astoria *, Brooklyn *, Ellicottville *, Long Island *, Medford *, New York City *, Scarsdale *, Shelter Island *, West Seneca *, Woodstock *, Yonkers *, Yorktown Heights *

North Carolina - Charlotte * Fairview *,  High Point * 
North Dakota
Ohio - Columbus *, Dublin *, Cincinnati *, Huber Heights *, Pepper Pike *

Oregon - Ashland *, Beaverton * Eugene *, Portland*

Pennsylvania - Langhorne *, Virginville *

Rhode Island - Providence *
South Carolina - Bamberg *
South Dakota
Tennessee -  Germantown *, Murfreesboro *, New Braunfels *
Texas - Austin *, Crosby *, Houston*, Wakes Village *

Utah - Aurora *, Roy *, Springville *

United States Virgin Islands - Saint Thomas *,

Virginia - Afton *, Charlottesville *, Fairfax *, Huntington *

Washington - Bellingham *, Bellevue *, Camano Island *, Kent *, Medical Lake *, Olympia *, Redmond *, Roy *, Seattle *, Shoreline *, Spokane *, Tacoma *, Tukwila *, Vancouver *, Wintrop *, Yakima *

Washington, D.C
West Virginia - Huntington *

Wisconsin - Madison *


Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance offers telephone, Skype and WhatsApp consultations to the international locations listed below.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.

Australia - Sydney, New South Wales *


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