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Welcome to my found pet blog. 
You will find heart warming case histories and testimonials of how Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator Hilary Renaissance helped find lost cats, dogs, birds, a turtle, a squirrel and, even, a pet skunk. The reviews come from Hilary's clients throughout the United States and international locations. (Interestingly, you might notice that early on in her career, Pet Psychic Hilary was working mostly with women as clients, but as the popularity of pet psychics increased, you will notice that more and more men are contacting Hilary for help with their pets!) I hope you enjoy reading each case history.

Mystery solved after one year. Heather of Chandler, Arizona's cat Tee Cat had been missing for a week. Heather's friend gave Heather the birthday gift of a lost pet psychic reading to help find Tee Cat. In the YouTube

video, Heather M of Chandler, Arizona gives a review of lost pet psychic Hilary Renaissance and a testimonial of how Hilary's details about Tee Cat having crossed over, where his body was located about 2 homes away, in the yard of a beige house with a bird feeder in the yard. Heather describes how she went looking at that house, but the residents were afraid to tell her what happened to Tee Cat. However, she finally found out that one of the family members had accidentally run over Tee Cat and they had buried Tee Cat in a grave with a cross in their backyard. Heather was able to recover Tee Cat's body at the grave. Even though Tee Cat's body had partially degraded, she was able to match Tee Cat's orange and white hair to the hair of Tee Cat's twin sister cat. Heather finally found closure and wrote to tell me about it a year later.Heather M of Chandler, Arizona wrote this thank you note and review of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance:"This was the best birthday gift I have ever got. You did an excellent job. Everything about him matched up I looked at every single detail. Thank you again very much."

The beige home next door with the bird feeder in the yard where Tee Cat was buried.

Heather M was able to find closure and bury Tee Cat in her yard.

Lost Cat in Zanesville Ohio found with help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance.

Skully the cat had been missing for 2 days and that was unlike him. His owners worried that he had been taken by a coyote or other predator. After looking everywhere and contacting all of their neighbors, they decided to contact lost pet psychic Hilary Renaissance. Thankfully, when Hilary contacted Skully the cat, he showed Hilary that he was within 1 property of their home and hiding underneath a grey building with some skinny porch rails or fence poles next to it. Hilary explained to cat owner Tashia how to coax Skully out of hiding. As you can see in the video, Tashia went right over to the grey barn on their neighbor's property, found Skully and carried him home.

Tashia of Zanesville, Ohio texted me the wonderful news and shared a video of Skully being carried home to safety.

Tashia wrote this review and testimonial of lost pet psychic Hilary's services.

"Skully was in this shed of our neighbors behind my husbands pole barn. I ask my neighbors if they mind is I walked around and then there was so many hole in the bottom I open it up and he was tucked away in the back corner. Thank you."

The picture shows where Skully was found in the grey barn with the poles or railings next to it on Tashia's neighbor's property.

Skully the missing cat is home!

Elise of Napa, California contacted me because her beloved turtle Raven had been missing for one day. Elise and Raven and Raven's brother were out in their backyard. Elise went inside for about 10 minute and when she returned both turtles were missing. Elise was quickly able to find Raven's brother down the hill, but she and her family scoured the whole area for Raven many times and could not find Raven. To make matters worse, they live in a rural area and there are many areas for a turtle to hide or to get trapped if the turtle fell.

Elise decided to contact a lost pet psychic to help her narrow down where Raven was located.

When I communicated with Raven, she showed me that she was alive, that she had split off from her brother and that she had followed a path that somewhat looks like a letter "J" and that she was about 150 feet from their home. Raven had dug in under some leaves or grass and she felt stuck, but she was going to try and get out soon.

When I shared this information with Elise, she was glad that Raven was alive and that she had a general idea of where to start looking and digging for Raven.

Thankfully, when they followed the letter "J" path that Raven described they were able to dig in the leaves and find Raven!

Elise of Napa, California wrote the wonderful review of my lost pet services below:

"She was on the hill side around 100 feet of the house which means from her starting point she went from a J shape . She was in small ditch with a pile of leaves she was near a big Fallon log . She was almost dead she is starting to make progress right now with the heat lamp and warm water she is going to be totally ok . ❤️

We just want to Thank you so much for you help it meant the world to us . And we were just so grateful to have our baby girl back! ❤"

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United States and International Telephone and Skype Locations Served:

Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance has communicated with animals throughout the United States, United States Virgin Islands, Australia, Canada, French Republic, France, Germany, Iraq, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Republic of Panama, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom listed below. She offers both telephone readings and Skype internet telephone sessions. If you would like to set up an appointment for your pet, please call my office at #206-782-7815 or email Hilary at or fill out the "set up appointment" page of my web site.  I look forward to helping you and your animal friends.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.

United States:


Alabama - Culman *


Arizona - Bullhead City*, Chandler *, Phoenix * Tucson *


California - Antioch *, Beverly Hills *, Cathedral City *, Downey *, Fairfax *, Fresno *, Hollywood  *, Huntington Beach *, La Mesa *, Los Angeles *, Malibu *, Malibu Beach *, Marina *, Meadow Park *, Monte Bello *, Napa *, Oakland *, Ortona *, Rivera *, Riverside *, San Jose *, San Luis Obispo *, Sherman Oaks *, Sylman *, Temecula *, Union City *, West Hollywood *, Whittier *,

Colorado - Durango *

Connecticut - Cornwall Bridge *


Florida - Fort Meyers *, Gulf Port *,  Lutz *, Panama City *, Pensacola *, Sarasota *, Tampa *

Georgia - Atlanta *, Buford*, Decatur *

Hawaii - Pahoa *


Illinois - Evanston*, Skokie *, Wheaton *, Will County *

Indiana - Bend *, Bloomington * Fort Wayne *


Kansas - Kansas City *,

Louisiana - Thibodaux * 
Maryland - Baltimore *, Montgomery Village *, Perry Hall *,

Rosedale *

Massachusetts - Amherst *,  Billeria *, Falmouth * Natick *,

Michigan - Huntington Woods *, Linden *

Minnesota - Le Center *

Mississippi - Corinth *, Enterprise *

Missouri - Kansas City *
Montana - Polson *
Nevada - Las Vegas *, Manhattan *

New Hampshire
New Jersey - Clifton *, Edison *, Harrington Park *, Lake Hopatcong *, Morristown *, Plainsboro *, Southampton *, West Milford *

New Mexico Mesquite *,
New York - *, Astoria *, Brooklyn *, Ellicottville *, Long Island *, Medford *, New York City *, Scarsdale *, Shelter Island *, West Seneca *, Woodstock *, Yonkers *, Yorktown Heights *

North Carolina - Charlotte * Fairview *,  High Point * 
North Dakota
Ohio - Columbus *, Dublin *, Cincinnati *, Huber Heights *, Pepper Pike * Zanesville

Oregon - Ashland *, Beaverton * Eugene *, Portland*

Pennsylvania - Langhorne *, Virginville *

Rhode Island - Providence *
South Carolina - Bamberg *
South Dakota
Tennessee -  Germantown *, Murfreesboro *, New Braunfels *
Texas - Austin *, Crosby *, Houston*, Wakes Village, 

Utah - Aurora *, Roy *, Springville *

United States Virgin Islands - Saint Thomas *,

Virginia - Afton *, Charlottesville *, Fairfax *, Huntington *

Washington - Bellingham *, Bellevue *, Camano Island *, Kent *, Medical Lake *, Olympia *, Redmond *, Roy *, Seattle *, Shoreline *, Spokane *, Tacoma *, Tukwila *, Vancouver *, Wintrop *, Yakima *

Washington, D.C
West Virginia - Huntington *

Wisconsin - Madison *


Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance offers telephone, Skype and WhatsApp consultations to the international locations listed below.

Cities marked with an asterisk denote a found pet case history found on this web site's pages and Found Pet Blog.

Australia - Sydney, New South Wales *


French Republic - France

Guatemala - Carretera Fraijanes *



Iraq *


Italy *




New Zealand - Auckland *

Republic of Panama

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom UK - Durham *

United States *

United States Virgin Islands *

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