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How to find a find a lost feral cat.

Animal Communication with a feral cat requires special skills.

As a pet psychic, I receive many calls from cat rescuers and feral cat colony caregivers.  Unfortunately, due to the fear-based personalities of feral cats, many of them will flee their homes at the first sight of trouble or danger.  for example, a bully cat might come into the colony or a human next door neighbor might run a loud lawn mower or kids might scream or any number of things can happen to scare a feral cat away. This was a case of a feral cat who escaped her carrier on the way to the vet's office.

Allison of Cincinnati, Ohio has been rescuing feral cats for 20 years. She routinely takes catches feral cats and takes them for veterinary care, spaying and neutering.

This time something went wrong. Bluesy, a feral cat who had been having some health issues, escaped her Havahart cat carrier while Allison stopped the car on the side of the road for a break. Somehow Bluesy managed to bolt out of the car and ran off. It was one of those fluke situations that we all wish will never happen. Sadly, they were 13 miles from home in an unfamiliar area for both Bluesy and Allison.

Several days had passed and Allison had seen no sign of Bluesy. Allison worried that Bluesy might panic and get hit by a car or worse.

As an animal communicator, it was important for me to realize that making contact with Bluesy would require different skills that communicating with a domesticated cat.  Feral cats are skittish to begin with, even under the best of circumstances.  However, a missing feral cat is even less likely to want to participate in a conversation with an animal communicator.  The idea of sharing their location and physical condition scares most feral cats.  Instead, feral cats have a natural instinct to hide their location and physical condition from strangers. Obviously, Bluesy did not know me and I was f going to have to take extra care to present myself and my intentions in the best light to gain Bluesy's trust.

When I communicated with Bluesy, she told me she was alive and hiding. She could see a grayish-white building and a beige building. She could see a palette of stacked objects, some shredded paper, a man with a "buzz" style haircut, a small hand held power tool and a dial or knob.

I gave Allison some tips on how to get Bluesy to come out of hiding. In addition, I gave Allison an estimate that it would take about 1 week for Bluesy to feel safe enough to come out if Allison followed my suggestions.

Allison reported back that she was able to find all of the details I mentioned and was able to coax Bluesy out of hiding.

Allison of Cincinnati, Ohio writes:

“WE FOUND BLUESY! The detail you gave was amazing. She was exactly where you said she would be. It took about a week to trap her, which is what you estimated.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us find our sweet girl!”

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