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Pet Psychic Hilary is not taking new clients at this time.  
If you are are a returning client, please fill out the Contact Hilary form.

Phone Consultations 

  • Want to know what your pet is thinking?

  • Need help solving behavior issues?

  • Find out how to help your pet cope with medical issues and   end of life concerns.

  • What messages does your pet in spirit want to share with you from the rainbow bridge?

This is your opportunity to have questions answered about problems and concerns you are having with your animal friend. You can find out what they do and don't like, what they do and don't understand and how you can create more cooperation and a fully enjoyable relationship with your animal friend.


Behavior issues: 

Behavior issues such as litter-box problems, dog and cat aggression, new pet concerns, anxiety, barking, marking, pets not getting along, horse riding issues, bird feather plucking, post traumatic stress and more can be addressed.  


Health and euthanasia concerns:

If your pet is ill, you can ask your pet how you can help make him more comfortable.  Many people want to ask their pet about euthanasia.  If the pet is ready now, what would the pet like to make it a more smooth transition.


Messages from your pets that are in spirit:

Find out what your pets in spirit want to tell you, send messages to them, ask if the pets want to share any special memories from their life with you and ask how they are doing now.

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