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How can Pet Psychic Hilary communicate with my pet, even if my pet is in another city, state or country?



Many people wonder how I can communicate with their pets from a long distance.  It is true that I can communicate with pets in the same area, but, it is also true that I can communicate with animals from far away.  I have communicated with animals and found missing pets using my long distance animal communication skills in nearly every state in the United States plus animals in the following countries in alphabetical order: Australia, Canada, French Republic, Germany, Guatemala, India, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Republic of Panama, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States Virgin Islands


I like to compare using long distance pet psychic skills to communicate with a specific animal as the same skills used to dial a telephone.  Instead of dialing telephone numbers, I concentrate on the name of the specific animal, the animal's physical description and the name of the person who wants me to communicate with the animal.  Just like you do not need to be in the same city, state or country to dial someone's telephone number in another city, state or country, I don't need to be in the same location as an animal to communicate with that animal.  If you watch the YouTube news clips on my "Home" page closely, you will notice that I have helped locate missing dogs and cats in the states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Washington, to name a few.  I was not in any of same locations with those cats and dogs, but I was able to send and receive picture images about their physical surroundings from of each of them using clairvoyance (from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision."  The term clairvoyance is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses.

Why is long distance pet psychic information is better?

Actually, when I am not in the same location as the an animal, I can not rely on visual clues such as the animal's facial expressions and body movements. When I am a long distance from and animal, I must rely only on telepathic information.  Not being in the same location as an animal heightens my pet psychic abilities due to lack of physical senses such as sight, sounds and smells.


United States and International Telephone and Skype Locations Served

Hilary Renaissance has communicated with animals and helped locate missing pets in all the states and cities listed below. 


Cities marked with an asterisk denote a case history found on this web site's pages, "Found Pet Photo Gallery" and blog.

United States:


Alabama - Culman *


Arizona - Bullhead City*, Chandler *, Phoenix *, Tucson *


California - Antioch *, Beverly Hills *, Cathedral City *, Downey *, Fairfax *, Fresno *, Hollywood *, Huntington Beach *, La Mesa *, Los Angeles *, Malibu *, Malibu Beach *,

Marina *, Meadow Park *, Monte Bello ", Napa *, Oakland *,Ortona *, Rivera *, Riverside *, San Jose *, San Luis Obispo *, Sherman Oaks *, Sylman *,

Temecula *Union City *, West

Hollywood *, Whittier *

Colorado - Durango *

Connecticut - Cornwall Bridge *


Florida - Fort Meyers *, Gulf Port *, Lutz *, Panama City *, Sarasota *, Tampa *

Georgia - Atlanta *, Buford *, Decatur *,

Hawaii - Pahoa *


Illinois - Evanston*, Skokie *, Wheaton *, Will County *

Indiana - Bend *, Bloomington *, Dyer *, Fort Wayne *


Kansas - Kansas City *

Louisiana - Thibodaux * 
Maryland - Baltimore *, Montgomery Village *, Perry Hall *, Rosedale *

Massachusetts - Amherst *,  Billeria *, Falmouth * Natick *,

Michigan - Huntington Woods *, Linden *

Minnesota - Le Center *

Mississippi - Corinth *, Enterprise *

Missouri - Kansas City*
Nevada - Las Vegas *, Manhattan *

New Hampshire
New Jersey -Clifton *, Edison *, Harrington Park *, Lake Hopatcong *, Morristown *, Plainsboro *, Southampton *, West Milford * 

New Mexico - Albuquerque *, Mesquite *,
New York - *, Astoria *, Brooklyn *, Ellicottville *, Long Island *, Medford *, New York City *, Scarsdale *, Shelter Island *, West Seneca *, Woodstock *, Yonkers *, Yorktown Heights *

North Carolina - Charlotte *, Fairview *, High Point *,
North Dakota
Ohio - Columbus *, Dublin *, Cincinnati *, Huber Heights *, Pepper Pike * Zanesville *

Oregon - Ashland *, Beaverton *, Eugene *, Portland *

Pennsylvania - Langhorne *, Virginville *

Rhode Island - Providence *
South Carolina - Bamberg *
South Dakota
Tennessee -  Germantown *, Murfreesboro *, New Braunfels *
Texas - Austin *, Crosby *, Houston *, Wakes Village *

Utah - Aurora *, Roy *, Springville *,

United States Virgin Islands - Saint Thomas *,

Virginia - Afton *, Charlottesville *, Fairfax *, Huntington *

Washington - Bellingham *, Bellevue *, Camano Island *, Kent *, Medical Lake *, Olympia *, Redmond *, Roy *, Seattle *,  Shoreline *, Spokane *, Tacoma *, Tukwila *, Vancouver *, Wintrop *, Yakima *

Washington, D.C
West Virginia - Huntington *

Wisconsin - Madison *


Pet Psychic Hilary offers telephone and Skype consultations to the international locations listed below:

Cities and countries marked with an asterisk denote a case history found on this web site's pages, "Found Pet Photo Gallery" and blog.


Australia - Sydney, New South Wales *


French Republic - France

Guatemala - Carretera Fraijanes *



Iraq *


Italy *




New Zealand - Auckland *

Republic of Panama

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom UK - Durham *

United States *

United States Virgin Islands *

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