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How To Send A Map or Google Map of the Your Area


Sending a map is relatively simple procedure, but will require a few steps on your part.  You can either send a web link to a aerial view of your area or send a hand drawn map. 


How to create a Google web link to your area.  


  • Visit

  • Enter in your pet's last known street address and hit "enter"

  • On the search results page, hit the "maps" option at the top of your screen

  • Once you see your area in the search results, copy and paste the web link into a new email.


How to create a hand drawn map of your neighborhood.


  • Draw the map of your neighborhood or where your animal friend was last seen. Details should include your home, which door your pet usually enters and exits from to go outside, any hills or landmarks your pet might be familiar with (such as houses where a neighbor who feeds him lives, or dogs that live down the street or big busy streets). Remember, the map does not need to be perfect or to scale, as in the example below.

How to send maps and images to lost pet psychic
  • If you have a scanner, scan the photograph to create a file. The file extension should be either a .tif, .gif, .jpg, or .psd. The size of each file should be less than 500 k, or about an 8 X 10 inch page. Be sure to save the image file where you can find it to send!


  • If you do not own a scanner, or a digital camera, or are unable to borrow one, you can take the photograph to a copying business, such as Kinko's, and ask them to scan for you and save the file to disc. The cost for this service is usually minimal.


  • Once you have the photograph as a file, create a new email, to , with "Map for Lost Pet" in the Subject line. Click on the "attach file" method on your email program, and locate the image file from either your disc, or your hard drive files. Click on the file to enter it as an attachment. It should show up in a special line on your email header.


  • Click "send" on your email and I should have it shortly!


If you have any trouble with sending file attachments, consult the "Help" section of your email program.

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