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How Using A Pet Psychic Can Help Locate Your Missing Pet


By Hilary Renaissance ©


Clients often ask me what questions can I ask a missing pet and how it can help them in their search for a missing pet. Below you will find the most common questions and how the information can lead to your pet’s recovery.


*What do you see?


When I ask animals questions about their current location, it is important to remember that dogs, cats and other animals don’t understand human language. Animals understand the question, ‘What do you see and hear around you?’ but, animals cannot provide their street address because cats and dogs do not read. Instead animals can provide visual clues. For example, a cat might show me that he is under a wood deck that is attached to a blue house, there are tall trees nearby and he sees a red car parked in the driveway and there is a bowl of cat food on the porch above.


* How did you get to your location and how far have you traveled from your home?


Animals do not understand directions like north, west, east or south. Instead pets show me images that follow the path they took to get to their current location. For example a missing cat might show me that he crossed a busy street and then went around a corner and then crawled under a porch of a brown house. Another example is dog getting out an open gate, then following some neighborhood children to a park that is within 6 blocks of their home.


* If you are with people, please give a description of their physical appearance.


It is true; some people will pick up animals for good or bad reasons. Finding out if your pet is with people can help you determine where to look next and where to focus your search efforts. For example a cat may show me that he has gone down the street and into a house that has several children who are about 6 to 9 years old. The cat has noticed that he children leave toys out in their yard and one of the children rides a red bicycle. In this example, knowing that your cat was in a home with children would help you narrow your search to homes with toys left outside in the yard and 3 children inside.


* Have you heard anyone calling for you?


Asking this question can give you an idea if you are searching in the right area.


* Are you injured or sick?


Asking this question can give you an idea of your pet’s state of mind. Animals who are injured feel vulnerable to predators. Injured animals have a natural tendency to hide and be quiet so as to not alert predators to the injured animal’s location. This is frustrating for the humans who are looking for the injured animal because the human can call for their pet to come out or even walk right by the injured animal and the injured animal will remain hidden and silent due to their natural survival instinct. Knowing if your pet is injured or sick or not can help you create a search strategy that is tailored to your missing pet’s state of mind.


* Have you passed over into the spirit world?


This is perhaps the hardest question to ask an animal. The reason is that many lost animals are scared and they fear something bad is going to happen to them. For example, a dog may have seen another dog who he sensed was dangerous and wanted to attack him. As a psychic, it can be hard to differentiate between the dog’s fears and what actually happened. To tell the difference, I usually ask more questions such as, ‘Are you hungry?’ or ‘Can you feel your heart beating?’


For a lot of my clients, asking this question can give them much needed closure.


* Why have you not returned home?

Asking this question can give you information about the animal’s state of mind and also the animal’s circumstances.  For example, I work with many cats who have been ganged up on by neighborhood raccoons and are afraid to return because, even though the raccoon is not outside their home all the time, the raccoons have marked their yard with urine which leaves a strong message to the cat that if the cat returns the cat will be attacked. This concept is hard for people who do not smell the raccoon urine to understand because the raccoon urine is not detectible to the human nose unless you really get close and know what scent you are trying to detect. In this case, you would know that your cat is probably lurking someplace nearby but, is afraid to return to you.


Another example is an animal who has been picked up by someone and kept in the person’s home. Knowing this information about your pet’s location can help you create a door to door search strategy in targeted areas.


* This is not a question, but I can reassure an animal that their humans are looking for them.


Sometimes this is all it takes to get some animals to come home. I have worked with many missing cats who were out on a hunting trip and had become so focused on catching their prey that they had lost track of time. I have reminded many cats that it is time to come home only to have them show up home an hour later as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Other cats have come out of hiding when they knew that there were protective humans near them. Some just felt grateful or reconnected to their humans. Others let me know that they were desperately trying to get home and wanted their humans to know not to give up yet.


There are other questions I can ask missing animals depending on their individual circumstances.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or #206-782-7815.


© Copyright 2001-current, Hilary Renaissance / Calmpet


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