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Pet Psychic offers practical tips to help prevent coyotes from taking your cat, dog and other small pets.

By Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance.

© 02/24/2016

As a pet psychic, I am often asked by my human clients to warn their pets of the dangers of coyotes in their area.  I can do that, but no amount of warning your pet to be careful can prevent a determined coyote who has access to areas where your pet roams. 

There is a lot to respect about the coyote hunting techniques. They are not evil animals.  Coyotes are hungry animals who have years of experience hunting small prey.

It used to be that the coyote population was just in rural areas.  However, with urban sprawl and less forest area available, coyotes have advanced into urban areas in search of food.  Small domestic pets such as dogs, cats, bunnies, urban chickens are often easy targets for coyotes.

Below are some simple things that you can do to to help make your yard a safer place.

* It is important to not leave dog or cat food out in your yard or other areas where your cat, dog and other small animals roam.


Coyotes are very skillful hunters.  If coyotes see food left somewhere, rather than going up and eating the food right away, the coyote will hide near by and wait for another animal to come and eat the food. Once the other animal is distracted by eating the food, the coyote will pounce on the animal and get both meals. Coyotes are also known to roll in the feces of other animals to mask their own scent from their prey.  If you leave food out in your yard, you are often inviting coyotes to take notice of your pet's vulnerabilities.

* People tend to forget the dangers small animals face even in their fenced yards.   Coyotes can jump over 6 feet high fences or dig under fences to get inside fenced in areas.  If you live in an area with a coyote population, you might want to consider securing chicken wire on the ground in your yard and also on between the top of your fence to your home.  Basically, you are creating a safe haven in which coyotes can not enter.

* Don't let your pet out unattended at dawn, dusk and other quiet times when coyotes tend to hunt.  Although in some urban areas like Los Angeles, California coyotes seem to hunt whatever time is convenient.

* Many people mistakenly assume that because they have a guard dog or barking dogs, coyotes will not enter their yard, thus there is no need for other coyote prevention measures.  This is true to some extent, but guard dogs can not be at all places at all times and they tend to spend some time sleeping.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Don't assume your big, ferocious guard dog will always be able to deter coyotes from taking your more vulnerable pets.

* As a pet psychic who takes many lost pet cases, I have noticed that many pets go missing when people other than the owner are visiting their home.  Make sure your friends, family members, visiting children, service workers, contractors, baby sitters, pet sitters and any one who has access to your animals knows each of the guidelines above. 

* Realize that accidents do happen even to the best people and pets. Treasure each moment with your pet, so that if something does happen, you have no regrets about the time you spent with your pet.

Your pets will thank you for your love and care!  Be safe and enjoy each day!  Thank you for reading!

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