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How Using A Pet Psychic Can Help Locate Your Missing Pet

Pet Psychic Hilary is not taking new clients at this time.  
If you are are a returning client, please fill out the Contact Hilary form

Clients often ask me what questions can I ask a missing pet and how it can help them in their search for a missing pet. Below you will find the most common questions and how the information can lead to your pet’s recovery.


* What do you see and hear?

* About how far have you traveled?

* Have you heard anyone calling for you?

* If you are with people, please give a description of their physical appearance.

* Are you injured?

* Have you passed over into the spirit world?

* Why are you not returning home?


Lost Pet Help Phone Consultations are broken up into three parts.

* Part one is done by phone and takes about 10 minutes. During this stage I ask you a couple of questions about your pet and how your pet went missing.

* Part two of the consultation is done off the phone. During this time I communicate with your pet and ask questions about his or her current location and physical condition. This takes about 1 hour.

* Part three takes about 10 minutes. During the last part of the consultation I speak with you on the phone and share information about your pet’s current location and physical condition.


How do I set up a lost pet appointment?

Hilary is not taking new clients at this time.


Please note: Lost animal consultations include time working with your animal to figure out where he or she is located, if he or she is inside or outside, healthy or injured. I cannot guarantee that your pet will be returned once I have communicated with him or her. The longer animals have been away, the more difficult it is to find them. While I will do everything within my abilities to support you in your efforts to locate your animal friend, I can make no guarantees of their return. What I can provide are clues that may be helpful to you in your search.

Appointment Cancellation and Refund Policy:

All sales are non-refundable. You may reschedule up to 24 hours before your session time.

Cancellation and missed appointments for any reason within 24 hours of appointment time forfeits the session time / money paid.

Sending a Picture of Your Pet:


It is helpful, but not necessary, for me to have a picture of your pet to refer to during my consultation.


Click here to send a picture of your pet



Sending a map of your pet's last known location:


If you need help locating a lost animal, it is helpful if you can provide a hand-drawn map of your neighborhood where your animal friend was last seen. On the map, show your home and the door your pet usually enters and exits, any hills or landmarks your pet might be familiar with (such as houses where a neighbor who feeds him lives, dogs that live down the street, etc). This map does not need to be perfect or even to scale. What I am looking for is a general idea of the neighborhood in which you and your animal live.


Click here for directions on how to send a map

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