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How to Send a Photo of Your Pet


Sending a photo is relatively simple procedure, but will require a few steps on your part.


  • Take or find a photo of your pet, preferably a current one. If you own a smart phone with a camera or digital camera, that is ideal because you can just send the file as an email attachment.

  • If you have a scanner, scan the photograph to create a file. The file extension should be either a .tif, .gif, .jpg, or .psd. The size of each file should be less than 500 k, or about an 8 X 10 inch page. Be sure to save the image file where you can find it to send!

  • If you do not own a scanner, or a digital camera, or are unable to borrow one, you can take the photograph to a copying business, such as Kinko's, and ask them to scan for you and save the file to disc. The cost for this service is usually minimal.

  • Once you have the photograph as a file, create a new email with "Photo of My Pet" in the Subject line. Click on the "attach file" method on your email program, and locate the image file from either your disc, or your hard drive files. Click on the file to enter it as an attachment. It should show up in a special line on your email header.

  • Click "send" on your email and I should have it shortly!


If you have any trouble with sending file attachments, consult the Help folder in your email program.

For lost pet owners:

For clients whose pets are not lost:

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