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What Questions Can A Pet Psychic Ask Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses, Birds And Other Animals

What Kind of Questions Can I Ask My Pet?


Most animals are just waiting to share their insights, opinions and love with the humans who are most important in their lives. What is so wonderful about animals is that you can expect an answer that comes straight from their hearts that reflects their love and respect for you. Here are just some of the questions I have asked animals.


  • Why does my dog bark persistently?

  • How would my animal friend feel about introducing a new pet in our household?

  • Is my horse ready to ride again after an injury or would it be better to wait?

  • What does my pet feel about euthanasia and other pet care decisions?

  • Why does my cat eliminate outside the litter box?

  • How do I best meet my animal friend's needs during times of convalescence?

  • What can I do to help create better cooperation from my animal friend who is acting out?

  • Where is my lost animal?

  • How does my animal companion feel about upcoming changes in my life such as divorce, marriage or moving to a new location?

  • How is my deceased animal friend doing? Is there anything she wants to share with me?

  • Is my animal friend happy and satisfied with her life?

  • Is there anything my pet would like to tell me?

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