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Can a pet psychic see the colors of a building through my lost pet's eyes to help me find my lost pet's current location?

Just recently one of my clients asked me, "I have heard cats, dogs and other animals can not see colors. How can a lost pet psychic help me find my lost cat if my cat can not see the colors of the things around him?" As a pet psychic who helps locate lost pets, I have been asked this question many times, so I thought I would explain the answer in a bit more detail here for you.

Most lost animals do see colors or a "color tones" that are divided into light and dark.


The answer is yes, in my experience as a lost pet psychic, some species of animals do see colors and can share those colors with a pet psychic. Using what is called clairvoyance, which means "clear seeing" in the Latin language, as a pet psychic I have identified the colors of homes, buildings, vehicles, flowers, walls and many other objects to successfully help identify many lost pet's locations. I have also worked with lost pets who have accurately shown me the color of the people's hair and clothing and shoes who are keeping the pet or had stolen the pet.  (I have other skills as well, including clairaudience which means "clear hearing" in Latin and clairsentience which means "clear knowing" in the Latin language and clairalience which means the "knowing of smells and fragrances." But a description of those skills is for another article.)

In this article, I am going to first explain the types of images that lost pets have shown me as a pet psychic that have been successfully used by my clients to help locate their missing pets.

Could a pet psychic’s ability to see colors through an animal’s eyes just be a coincidence?

I have worked with many lost pets who showed me accurate color descriptions of the places and things around them that led to the lost animals being located with my help. I do not think that it is possible that they could all be coincidences. For those of you skeptics out there, many of the things lost animals have shown me are not things that you could find through a web search on Google Maps. To name a few instances of lost pets showing me things where they were found in places that can not be seen on Google Maps:

* A lost kitten in Los Angeles, Californian showed me that he was underneath an apartment building where a group of dark colored bicycles were stored. (You could not see the group of bicycles under the apartment building on Google Maps.) 


* Another lost cat showed me he was hiding by a gray shed hidden under a canopy of trees. (You can not see the shed on Google Maps.)

* A stolen dog showed me he was near a red motorcycle stored inside a shed. (You can not see the red motorcycle in the garage on on Google Maps.)

I am always proudest when one of my clients says, "Pet Psychic Hilary made a believer out of me," or ""I had always want to believe pet psychics were real and now I have proof," because those clients witnessed my psychic abilities themselves.


Important to know, not all psychics, animal communicators and "spiritual advisors" are alike.


Please note, not all psychics are alike, so in this article, I am only describing images that lost pets have shown me during my lost pet cases. When you work with different types of psychics, you are going to get varying degrees of detail and accuracy.

There are all kinds of psychics available. Below is just a few of the different types of psychics available.

* Pet psychics like myself who specialize in lost pets

* Psychics who mostly work with humans but will sometimes work with pets

* Pet psychics who work with pets on emotional issues, but do not specialize in lost pets

* "Spiritual advisor psychics" who are often found on 1-800 line telephone businesses where you can pick a "spiritual advisor" from a long list of "hand picked" individuals. You can often find "spiritual advisor psychics" heavily advertised on Google ads, Craiglist ads and eBay offerings.

* Animal communicators who often run their own individual web pages. Some animal communicators will work with lost pets and some will not, so it is always best to ask.

* Psychic mediums who often claim to come from a "long line of psychics in their families” and claim to be "licensed psychics by the government.” (Please note that when you read that a psychic medium claims to be "licensed by the government," all that means is the psychic medium paid a fee to get a state business license which anyone can apply for online. It does not mean that the psychic medium took some kind of government test to prove they are a true psychic medium.)

That said, it is always a good idea to ask in advance of hiring a lost pet psychic, what kind of visual information about your lost pet's current location you can expect to receive from that individual pet psychic. Remember all pet psychics are different so don't be afraid to ask.

What kind of images do pet psychics receive from lost pets?

The answer is the images are more like an impression and not picture perfect like we humans would see on a TV screen, movie or in a photograph. For example, when I use my pet psychic skills to communicate with a lost dog, the lost dog may show me that he is under the porch of a large house and there is a large white SUV parked in the driveway. In this case, the dog thinks he is about 5 homes away from his home and around a corner and there are some large flower pots in the yard of the house. Each of those images came through to me separately. Usually, I start by asking the dog what he sees in front of him right now. So, the first image I received was that the dog saw darkness around him and he seemed to be in an enclosed area at ground level.

As a lost pet psychic, I would not necessarily see all of the details. For example, in this case, the image I received of the dog hiding under the porch might not include the dirt under the dog's feet or the gray foundation wall behind the dog or the tan colored wood porch above the dog. I might just see darkness around the dog because he is in a dark hiding place.

Lost pets can show lost pet psychics the path they took to their current location.

Next, I would ask the lost dog to show me what was the last thing he remembered seeing before he hid under the porch. The dog might show me that the porch where he is hiding is next to a big home with a SUV shaped object nearby.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a pet psychic to determine what the lost pet's visual images identify because many things look alike.

Lost animals don't have words to explain what they see.  Obviously, the lost dog does not know the difference between a SUV and a minivan or a station wagon or RV or sedan type car. It is my job as a pet psychic to put the shapes that the lost dog shows me in context of the physical area and topography of where the dog went missing. Because I know that the dog went missing in a residential area, when I look at the shapes the dog showed me of the things around him, I would figure out that the large square shaped object with 4 circle shaped objects attached below and what looks like the shape of a square car hood in front is, most likely, a SUV type car. As a pet psychic, I was able to see the large object (car body) and circle shaped objects attached to the large object (tires) and large square hood (making the car most likely not, a mini van or VW bug or Prius electric vehicle.)

Similarly, a lost dog would not know the difference between a brown, large, square office complex and a brown, large, square warehouse and a brown, large, square college building and a brown, large, square church. All of those buildings have many things in common if you think about the similarities. They are all large, brown, square buildings where people come and go at various times of the day. So, it can be difficult for a pet psychic to know the purpose of the building because the pet psychic is only seeing the building from a lost pet's perspective.

Let me give you a recent example. I helped a pet rescue organization locate a cat that had been fostered out to a new home. Somehow the cat slipped out the door. The pet rescue coordinator thought that the cat would have most likely gone and hidden in the wooded ravine behind the cat's home because there were so many places to hide in the wooded ravine. However, when I communicated with the cat, she showed me that rather than going towards the ravine, she had gone in the opposite direction of the ravine and had traveled about 5 blocks away from her home. The cat was hiding near a nice looking, off white house that had new plants and landscaping, a watering can, a woman came and went from the house, there was a sign near the house and a man with a truck and ladder had been by that day.

This is where my skills as a sleuth came in to play. The fact that the cat knew that she was near a house and it seemed like new landscaping were new plants in the yard and there was a small sign near the house led me to conclude that the home was possibly for sale. I thought the sign in the yard might be a "for sale" sign or landscaping company advertising sign. It seemed possible that the lady was a real estate agent who was directing landscapers to stage the house for sale. So I suggested that my client look for homes for sale or having landscaping done 5 blocks away from where the cat went missing.

Long story short, the cat was found by a house that fit that exact description with the new landscaping, the man with the truck and a ladder and a sign in the yard. However, the house was not for sale. The sign had been put in the yard by the lady owner of the house to direct the landscapers where to plant certain flowers and bushes. Hooray! The cat was found!

The found cat story above demonstrates two obvious points. 1) True pet psychics know that pets can't read signs or provide a street address. 2) Pets don't always know the purpose of the buildings and locations where they hide, so it is best to keep an open mind when looking for the clues lost pets provide about their location.

Below are a few important facts to take into consideration if you work with psychic specializing in lost pets.

* One fact is that cats can't read, so if any psychic or spiritual advisor gives you a street address for a missing animal, that psychic or spirit advisor is not communicating with the lost pet, instead that psychic or spiritual advisor is relying on something else to come up with a street address.

* Cats and dogs may understand that they are hiding near a home or a building from which people come and go because most pets understand the concept of buildings. They have been inside homes and buildings before in their lives. Ultimately pets cannot know the exact purpose of the building and the reasons people come and go from a building unless the pet goes inside the building and sees the activity for himself or herself. The lost pet who is outside a building or home can only provide a pet psychic with clues that show the purpose of the building such as new landscaping plants or a gardener coming and going.

* It is always best to keep an open mind when you receive visual clues from lost pets about their location because many things can look similar. Here is another example that illustrates this very important point. I communicated with a different lost cat. The lost cat showed me that he was hiding in a shed. The shed was close to the owner's home and was just past a group of large bushes from the owner's home. The cat showed me that inside the shed was what looked like a string mop turned upside down to dry. The cat showed me images of many pieces of string hanging from what looked like a pole or mop handle. I thought the strings might be part of a string mop and I told the cat owner to look for something that looked like an upside down string mop. The reason I thought the object could possibly be a string mop is because I know that some people store cleaning supplies in their sheds. However, it turned out the cat was in the owner's shed where bees had created a hive in an old bird's nest high up near the ceiling of the shed. Apparently the old bird's nest had been strung with old string by the birds and when the birds abandoned the nest, bees moved in.

Fear can make a lost pet either 1) a great observer of his or her location (often pets with a fight instinct) or, 2) a terrible observer of the details of his or her location (often pet with a flight or hide or survive instinct).


When a lost pet has a terrifying experience such as almost being hit by a car or being attacked by a local raccoon, the lost pet can become so scared that he or she is not really paying attention to details. These lost pets are often behaving in a manner that animal behavior scientists refer to as “flight or hide or survival mode.” They only want to hide. They often will not look around because they are too scared to see what might attack them.

Some lost pets become great observers of their locations, particularly if they think other predators are lurking around.


These scared, but also brave, lost pets are constantly scanning their environment for clues to where the predators may be lurking just in case they have to fight the predators. In these cases, the animal is in what is often referred to as "fight mode." Their fear keeps them on constant guard of every little visual change and sound around them.

In my experience as a pet psychic working with many lost pets, “fight mode” lost pets often are better observers of their location and can provide better visual clues than lost pets in “survival mode.”

Sometimes a pet psychic can coax a scared lost animal to pay attention to the visual details around him.

Sometimes, the only way for a pet psychic to get visual details about a scared lost pet's surroundings is with time and patience. If I do see those small details, it is usually because the individual lost pet is paying attention to the details or I can coax the lost pet to calm down enough to zero in on what is around him or her.

The degree of color identification accuracy that a lost pet can provide a pet psychic often varies by type of species.

So now that you know a little more about the types of images a pet psychic receives and that the images are most often "impressions, not picture perfect," let’s discuss the colors that lost animals have shown me to help find their current location. Please note, the colors that animals have shown me are from real lost pet cases where the colors the lost pet showed me were correct, not just from theory. I have had many cases where lost pets have shown me colors that turned out to be correct. However, I have noticed that some species tend to provide more accurate colors than other species.

Another thing to note is that, in my experience as a lost pet psychic and animal communicator, different animal species see colors differently.

I have been able to accurately receive colors like red, purple, blue and yellow from cats and dogs. For example, one stolen dog accurately described that there was a red motorcycle near where he was located. Another lost dog showed me that he was near two blue parked cars. A cat showed me that he was near a reddish brown brick home. Whereas with horses, donkeys, llamas and birds, the color is still there, but it is not quite as clear. Then with ferrets, skunks, snakes, rabbits spiders and other insects, they might show me the that the color is either a light or dark color, but those animals are more interested in the movements and vibrations around them and if the objects and things around them are prey, threat or not worth worrying about.

Ferrets see the world differently than many other species when they are lost.

Ferrets are an interesting species to communicate with when they are lost. The reason is that ferrets will often go into a hidey-hole or "fun tunnel" and then just pop their head out every once in a while to see if there is food or danger or something with which they can play. They look for movement and don't really care about what the color is of what they are viewing. So I have learned to ask ferrets not about the colors around them but instead, "What moves around you? What are you afraid of nearby? Where are the nearby holes? Have you smelled or heard people nearby?" The reason is that ferrets really are not interested in colors at all and asking them about colors loses their attention.

Below is a list of some of the most accurate species to the less accurate to the animals that don't take the time to look at colors.

* These lost pet species often provide the most accurate color descriptions: cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, squirrels, skunks and some bird species such as parrots and pet ducks.

* These lost pet species often provide just dark or white tone color descriptions: rabbits, chickens, snakes, mink, chinchillas, Guinea pigs, spiders, beavers, some ferrets, some birds such as pet swans.

* These lost pet species rarely pay attention to color: some ferrets (particularly younger ones,) some snakes and some spiders.

The longer a lost pet is in their current location, often their color accuracy will improve as the lost animal acclimates to the area and has time to look at the details.

In certain circumstances, I am confident that some cats, dogs, horses, squirrels, skunks can see and provide a visual pictorial image to a lost pet psychic. The best circumstances for a lost pet to know and share the colors they see around them is when the animal has been in the area a while and has time (the longer time the better) to pay attention to their surroundings. For example, I recently worked with a cat who was hiding under a light beige colored church. At first the cat just ran as fast as possible and hid in the first hole he could find. The lost cat ran under the church so fast that he had no idea of the color of the church or that it even looked like a church. The cat shared that he just had the impression that the church was a light color. I communicated with the cat several days later. The cat had grown more confident. He ventured out just a little from his hiding place, only then he became scared again and went back to hiding under the church. In this instance, the lost cat thought the church was a very pale looking color in the range of off white to dirty white to pale beige. Thankfully, the cat shared some other details as well about the church that led the lost cat's owners to locate him under the pale beige church.

Lost animals who just run through an area in a panic often do not take the time to notice the individual colors of the things they ran past.


Scared lost animals behave similarly to scared lost humans. When an animal is scared and running or fleeing a predator, they don't think analytically and notice what is around them in great detail. All the scared animal wants to do is get away or hide as fast as possible.

The exceptions are often when an animal is circling a building or can't get past a barrier such as for example, a brown fence or grey wall or thicket of bushes with green leaves and brown thorns. The longer a fleeing animal is in an area and identifies something as a physical barrier to get past, the more likely the lost animal can identify the physical barrier and the color of the physical barrier.

Tips for how you can use the information in this article to help you work with a lost pet psychic and lost pet animal communicator.

The most important thing to remember is that all lost animals are going to behave and see things differently. No lost animal is exactly like another and no lost case is exactly like another. Rather than focusing on the information you do not have and becoming frustrated that the information is not specific enough to immediately help you find your missing pet, instead focus on the information you do have. The important thing is to keep an open mind and use the information like pieces of a puzzle you put together. As a lost pet psychic, I always say people don't come to me with the "easy lost pet cases." So take a deep breath and realize the pet psychic is doing the best she can with the information she can get from your missing pet.

Sometimes the little details a lost pet psychic can provide about your missing pet's location can make the difference between finding a pet and not finding a pet. Even if it seems like the details seem insignificant, don't let it get you down. For example, I recently worked with a lady who was looking for her 4 month old lost kitten in a rural area of Greece. The kitten had wandered off and had not been seen for 1 day. Because most of the rural area looked the same including lots of trees, several creeks, two waterfalls, several areas of rocky ground, two garden plots, there was not much to go on. However, by using my skills as a lost pet psychic to determine that the kitten was not by the creeks, the gardens, the waterfalls or the trees, I was able to determine that the kitten was by the grey colored rocky area with various rocks that had some sharp edges. There were two areas with gray rocks but one area was more likely the place where the kitten was hiding. Thankfully, my client went to the area and the kitten came out of hiding a little bit later. So remember, while many colors can look the same, the color clues your lost pet provides can help you narrow down an area where your lost pet is located.

In summary, below are some of the things you learned about the colors and images that lost pets can show lost pet psychics.

* Pet psychics receive "visual impressions" of the the things, locations and people around a lost pet that can give clues about a lost pet's current location and the path the lost pet took to get to his or her current location.

* Each lost pet is different in the level of detail that they can share about their location. Many times the individual lost pet's level of fear can make the pet either a great observer of what is around him or her or, sometimes, a terrible observer of what is around him or her because he is too afraid to look to closely.

* Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, squirrels, skunks provide a more accurate color range than some other species of animals.

* Snakes, spiders, rabbits, beavers and insects pay more attention to the movement around them than colors. These animals often share that they see light or dark colors, but not the actual color.

* The longer a cat, dog, horse, donkey, llama, goat, squirrel, skunk is in their current location the more likely that the animal will be able to provide an accurate color visual impression of the color to the lost pet psychic.

I hope you have found this article helpful.  Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.


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