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Pet Psychic offers tips to keep your pets happy.

By Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance ©  01/01/2004
Have you ever wondered what pet psychics do to keep their own animal friends happy at home?  

I thought I would share a few tips and suggestions with you that I use with my animal friends.

*Dogs, cats, birds, horses and most animals like to feel like they are helping you and your family live a happy life.  They want to know that their contributions have value.  I like to think of the roles they play in your family are just as vital and important as human family members.  For example, your cat might like to hear that she helps make your home feel like a welcoming place to come home to after a long day.  You might share with her that after a long day at work when you feel tired and like you have given to others all day, it feels rejuvenating to come home to your cat who loves you and has kept your home feeling cozy and lived in all day.  (If your cat was not there, it might feel depressing to come home to an empty house.)  Your cat is providing you a valuable friendship.  Another example might be that your dog helps keep your mood light-hearted with all of her playful antics.  It is hard to be in a bad mood when your dog is running around with her tail wagging.  Birds can be great friends and mood enhancing companions too.  You might want to tell your bird friend that you love how he is always right there with a happy attitude.
There are numerous ways your animal friends help you and your family and even help keep the mood in your home happy.  All you need to do is ask yourself how your pets are helping and thank them for their gifts to you each day.  You might notice that the more you acknowledge how your pets are helping, the more they start doing those endearing things for you.

* Another pet psychic suggestion that many people don't know about is to give your pets advance notice about people and situations that might frighten them and cause fear based aggression, separation anxiety, litter box problems, cat spraying, excessive licking, birds plucking their own feathers and other unwanted fear based behaviors. Just take a moment and talk out loud upcoming events.  For example, you might want to mention, in advance of their arrival, that a plumber and his assistant will be coming over and making loud noises in the bathroom. There might be odd smells too. 
The most important part of letting your pets know about upcoming potentially scary events is letting your pets know that you are aware of the dangers and have created plans to keep them safe.  You might want to say something like, "I am going to keep you safe from the noises and smells by keeping you in the other room and giving you a treat.  The door will be shut and I will make sure that the plumber does not enter your space. When the plumber leaves, I will let you out and we can share some fun time together playing with your toy as a reward." 
If you want to learn more about how you can help your pets feel valuable and overcome common pet behavior problems mentioned below, please fill out the appointment form below.
Common pet behavior problems that Pet Psychic Hilary has helped animals overcome:
* fear based aggression
* separation anxiety
* litter box problems
* cat spraying
* dog excessive licking themselves and people
* birds plucking their own feathers
* fear of strangers and other fear based behaviors

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