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Why Pet Psychic Telephone Consultations Are Better Than In-home Pet Psychic Visits With Your Pet:

Common Misconceptions To Avoid

By Hilary Renaissance ©  02/24/2017

     As a pet psychic, I am always surprised that some clients request in-home pet psychic visits versus telephone consultations with their animal friends.  I think it is a misunderstanding by the public that an in home visit would provide a better quality pet psychic reading.  Let me explain the reasons why below and you can decide for yourself.

     The number one reason I suggest a telephone consultation versus an in-home pet psychic visit is that it adds credibility and authenticity to the pet psychic’s readings.  Most clients are skeptical of the information provided by pet psychics.  If a pet psychic comes to your home, you might always be wondering afterwards if the information the pet psychic provided about your pet was just based on the visual clues and behavior the pet psychic observed about your pet while she was in your home.  Your inner-skeptic would probably not be satisfied if the pet psychic told you that your cat loved you even if she seemed regal and aloof and hid from you all the time. You would probably think to yourself, “Duh, the pet psychic observed that my cat was regal and aloof and the pet psychic wanted to make me feel good so she told me my cat loves me just to make me happy. I still wonder if my cat loves me or hates me.” 

     However, imagine if you had a telephone pet psychic reading.  Obviously, in this instance, the pet psychic could not observe the behavior of your cat and could not rely on visual clues to help answer your questions.  In this case, you provided the name of your cat, the cat’s coloring, physical build of your cat and a few other questions the pet psychic might have to differentiate your cat from other cats in the area.  You then provided your questions for the pet psychic to ask your cat.  In this case, imagine you asked, “What does my cat want to change about her life and what does my cat want to tell me?” So now imagine the pet psychic reported that your cat knew that she acted regal and aloof and hid from you all the time, but your cat wanted you to know that that was just her personality.  Your cat shared that she knew you were upset by her hiding, but your cat could not help herself and she really did love you despite outward appearances. The pet psychic reported that what your cat wanted to make her life even happier was even more hiding places in your home where she could still be near you but also get some quiet time. 

      Now, in the case of the telephone consultation, didn’t the pet psychic’s pronouncements about your cat’s personality seem amazing? Your cat is regal, aloof and loves to hide. You had always wondered if your cat secretly hated you based on how she would not sit on your lap.  The pet psychic described your cat’s aloof behaviors perfectly!  How could the pet psychic know those things about your cat unless she really was communicating with your cat?  The telephone consultation helped your inner skeptic be satisfied that you talked to a real pet psychic.

     The number two reason that telephone pet psychic consultations are better than in-home pet psychic visits is financial.  Telephone consultations are less expensive than in home visits.  For an in-home visit the pet psychic has to charge for her travel time as well as the in home visit time.  Most pet psychics charge more for in-home visits than telephone consultations.  If money is no object to you, then this might not be a consideration.  However, I am betting that you would prefer to pay less.  (Think of all the kitty and doggie treats you could buy for the extra money you would have spent on an in-home visit compared to a telephone visit.)

     There is one exception to the idea that pet psychic telephone consultations meet your needs better than in-home visits.  Some people like to have parties or get-togethers with a bunch of friends, family and their pets.  The goal of these visits is just to have fun and see what comes of it.  As a pet psychic, I have noticed the value of this kind of in-home visit is that people relax and have the shared experience of getting to know each other from the perspectives of the animals.  Participants find out things they never knew about each other. It is a way to bond with your friends and family in a whole new way.  If you have the time and interest, I would highly recommend trying it at least once. Just set aside your inner skeptic for this time and enjoy yourself.

       To sum it up, the pros and cons of telephone pet consultations.


* Cures your skepticism of the authenticity of the pet psychic’s reading about your pet

* Less expensive than in home pet psychic visits

* Takes less of your time


* It might be more fun for you to have a pet psychic visit your home

* You do not get to meet the pet psychic in person

Please note, this article has a copyright.  It may not be shared or copied without permission of the author.

© Hilary Renaissance  02/24/2017

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