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Tommy the cat found in Italy with help of lost pet psychic

Missing Cat in Italy found after 18 months!

Jan and Findlay live in a rural area of Italy. Their beloved cat Tommy loved to surprise them by jumping from his favorite resting place on their bureau onto their shoulders. One day, Tommy disappeared. Even after eighteen months of searching for Tommy, Jan was not ready to give up. Instead, Jan called me.

I explained that the chances of finding Tommy after such a long time were slim, but I would try. I knew there was a possibility that Tommy could have forgotten his name or not remember Jan and Findlay.

When I communicated with Tommy he let me know he was fine and that, even better, a woman was feeding him. Tommy explained that he was sleeping underneath an older, small white car or van at night. The car was parked in a tan, rectangular garage.  The car was parked next to a large tan home. Although there were a few homes nearby, it was clearly a rural area.  Tommy showed me that the home had a very distinctive, large doorway composed of decorative white squares stacked on top of one another that stood out even at a distance.  After all this time, Tommy was not sure how far he was from Jan and Findlay's home, but he believed it was not more than three miles.

Jan and Findlay set out with my description and found the home pictured above. They approached the owners, who admitted they had been feeding Tommy, but had thought he was a stray.

With thanks to the people who fed Tommy, Jan scooped Tommy up and took him home. As you can see from the photo, Tommy is back on his old perch - after eighteen months!! Jan's smiling face says it all, her perseverance paid off.  Jan and Findlay took the photographs to the right to document Tommy's big adventure.

Pet Psychic describes car that missing cat in Italy was hiding near

The car Tommy described!

The window and door with many panes that cat Tommy described.

The tan rural home that cat Tommy showed pet psychic Hilary where he was living.

The tan rural home that cat Tommy showed pet psychic Hilary where he was living.

Cat owner is happy to find her missing cat in Italy. Cat owner writes a positive review of lost pet psychic.

Tommy is home after 18 months!

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