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Lost pet psychic helps find Sylman, CA missing cat.  Cat escaped coyotes and was found hiding.


Buttons the cat disappeared. MK had heard rumors of coyotes attacking cats in her neighborhood and was almost sure the same fate had befallen Buttons.

When I contacted Buttons, he let me know that he had narrowly escaped a coyote by squeezing underneath a white home next to MK"s. Buttons was afraid to come out (or even make a sound) for fear of the coyote. MK could not see how that could be possible as the only white house next to hers had a cement foundation. However, MK went out and thoroughly searched the white house, to no avail. MK hoped that Buttons' fear would eventually be overcome by hunger, so she alerted her neighbors to be on the lookout for Buttons or any sound he might make.

Several days later, her neighbors in the white house heard a sound coming up from underneath them and alerted MK. After much searching, they found a hole so small that it was hard to believe a cat could fit through -- and Buttons was coaxed out. Buttons is now safe and sound and will be able to tell his grandchildren the story of how he escaped a coyote and lived to tell about it.

MK and SK of Sylman, CA writes:

"Buttons is meowing a lot more than usual. SK thinks he is complaining, "What took you so long?" You were absolutely right on in your description Buttons' location and gave us hope that Buttons was still alive. We are eternally thankful for your help."

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