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Mystery of what happened to missing Arizona cat solved with help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance

Mystery solved after one year. Heather of Chandler, Arizona's cat Tee Cat had been missing for a week. Heather's friend gave Heather the birthday gift of a lost pet psychic reading to help find Tee Cat. In the YouTube

video, Heather M of Chandler, Arizona gives a review of lost pet psychic Hilary Renaissance and a testimonial of how Hilary's details about Tee Cat having crossed over, where his body was located about 2 homes away, in the yard of a beige house with a bird feeder in the yard. Heather describes how she went looking at that house, but the residents were afraid to tell her what happened to Tee Cat. However, she finally found out that one of the family members had accidentally run over Tee Cat and they had buried Tee Cat in a grave with a cross in their backyard. Heather was able to recover Tee Cat's body at the grave. Even though Tee Cat's body had partially degraded, she was able to match Tee Cat's orange and white hair to the hair of Tee Cat's twin sister cat. Heather finally found closure and wrote to tell me about it a year later.Heather M of Chandler, Arizona wrote this thank you note and review of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance:"This was the best birthday gift I have ever got. You did an excellent job. Everything about him matched up I looked at every single detail. Thank you again very much."

The beige home next door with the bird feeder in the yard where Tee Cat was buried.

Heather M was able to find closure and bury Tee Cat in her yard.


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