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Pet Psychic helps find lost cat in Natick, Massachusetts. Customer writes a glowing review.

Deborah of Natick, Massachusetts contacted me because her cat Annie had been missing since that morning. Deborah told me that Annie follows such a regular schedule of going out and coming right back inside on a schedule everyday for the last year that she knew something must be really wrong. Deborah was really worried because she had been all over her neighborhood looking for Annie and talked to her neighbors, but no one had seen Annie. That is when Deborah decided to contact a lost pet psychic and she found me online

When I communicated with Annie, she shared with me that she had been attacked by a light colored cat and had run all over the neighborhood in a zig zag pattern to get away. Then Annie ended up about 2 properties away underneath a white colored home. She was under a tarp or flat porch or deck and there were some trees or bushes near by. Annie was too afraid to come out of hiding because she was the light colored cat was stalking her.

When I shared with Deborah that a light colored cat had attacked Annie, Deborah said that she knew the cat. Apparently, the cat was somewhat of a bully, but things had never gotten that bad before. Deborah said there were 2 homes that fit that description and that she would take a look and follow my instructions on how to coax Annie out of hiding.

Thankfully, Annie was found underneath one of the white homes. Deborah of Natick, Massachusetts wrote this review and shared pictures of where Annie was located.

"Hilary found Annie! She was where you described,

It was 2 houses away

Both white or off white

But one was wrapped in white insulation as it is a house under construction. It was the 2nd property away from my house on same side of street. Annie must have been attacked by 2 cats, dark face, light body", there has been a marauding couple, one ginger and the other a dark torti.

She jumped into the unfinished basement , floor covered with gravel. There had been no staircase constructed so once in she could not get out. The windows were constructed so she sat in the window well facing my house. The "trees" was a row of scraggly very tall bushes that separate my house from the first white property next door. Annie loves to hide in them and they are often being cared for. It was not until 11:00 am I found her after the third nite. She must have seen me searching around the house but eventually I called and cooed to her while looking under a shed next door when I first heard a little meow. I kept circling the sound and drew up to the basement hole and there she was looking up at me and screeching loudly. What a relief!

We dropped a ladder into the basement and up she scrambled!

I'm including some photos. The basement where I found her, the window well. The house next door with a large deck. The back of the house to illustrate how difficult the basement was to see. And finally Annie back home fast asleep in her cat hammock after 2 bowls of wet food and treats."


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