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Lost Cat in Zanesville Ohio found with help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance

Lost Cat in Zanesville Ohio found with help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance.

Skully the cat had been missing for 2 days and that was unlike him. His owners worried that he had been taken by a coyote or other predator. After looking everywhere and contacting all of their neighbors, they decided to contact lost pet psychic Hilary Renaissance. Thankfully, when Hilary contacted Skully the cat, he showed Hilary that he was within 1 property of their home and hiding underneath a grey building with some skinny porch rails or fence poles next to it. Hilary explained to cat owner Tashia how to coax Skully out of hiding. As you can see in the video, Tashia went right over to the grey barn on their neighbor's property, found Skully and carried him home.

Tashia of Zanesville, Ohio texted me the wonderful news and shared a video of Skully being carried home to safety.

Tashia wrote this review and testimonial of lost pet psychic Hilary's services.

"Skully was in this shed of our neighbors behind my husbands pole barn. I ask my neighbors if they mind is I walked around and then there was so many hole in the bottom I open it up and he was tucked away in the back corner. Thank you."

The picture shows where Skully was found in the grey barn with the poles or railings next to it on Tashia's neighbor's property.

Skully the missing cat is home!


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