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Pet Psychic helps Napa, California family find lost turtle. Happy owner writes a glowing review.

Elise of Napa, California contacted me because her beloved turtle Raven had been missing for one day. Elise and Raven and Raven's brother were out in their backyard. Elise went inside for about 10 minute and when she returned both turtles were missing. Elise was quickly able to find Raven's brother down the hill, but she and her family scoured the whole area for Raven many times and could not find Raven. To make matters worse, they live in a rural area and there are many areas for a turtle to hide or to get trapped if the turtle fell.

Elise decided to contact a lost pet psychic to help her narrow down where Raven was located.

When I communicated with Raven, she showed me that she was alive, that she had split off from her brother and that she had followed a path that somewhat looks like a letter "J" and that she was about 150 feet from their home. Raven had dug in under some leaves or grass and she felt stuck, but she was going to try and get out soon.

When I shared this information with Elise, she was glad that Raven was alive and that she had a general idea of where to start looking and digging for Raven.

Thankfully, when they followed the letter "J" path that Raven described they were able to dig in the leaves and find Raven!

Elise of Napa, California wrote the wonderful review of my lost pet services below:

"She was on the hill side around 100 feet of the house which means from her starting point she went from a J shape . She was in small ditch with a pile of leaves she was near a big Fallon log . She was almost dead she is starting to make progress right now with the heat lamp and warm water she is going to be totally ok . ❤️

We just want to Thank you so much for you help it meant the world to us . And we were just so grateful to have our baby girl back! ❤"


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