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Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance helps High Point, North Carolina woman find her lost dog Sargent.

Sargent had been missing for 3 days and his owner Anna was worried. Anna decided to contact a pet psychic to help locate Sargent because by now he could have been anywhere. When I communicated with Sargent he showed me that he was alive, he was over a hill from Anna's home, he was within 1 and 1/2 miles from Anna's home, we was past a fence and that he was running scared through an area with bushes and plants and trees. I counseled Anna about how to calm Sargent down once she saw him. Thankfully, after talking to her neighbor's over the hill from her house, Anna received a phone call that Sargent had been seen running in that area. As you can see in the video, Sargent is home safe and resting!

Anna of High Point, North Carolina wrote this testimonial about how I helped locate her lost dog Sargent.

"Someone called about 630 said they spotted spotted him running behind a abandon house that backed up to about 7.5 acres of land we. Immediately went and after about two hours of trying to successfully catch him was great teamwork we finally did he was in complete survival mode and On the run we were not calling his name and I remembered everything that you said I sat down and laid down in the field and someone else was able to successfully grab him. He is not injured today was day six we had our consultation with you at 1 PM and he was home by 9 PM we are so grateful for your time."

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