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Skeptical husband is amazed at Pet Psychic's ability to find his family's lost cat. He writ

When Tracie told her husband Jon that she had contacted Pet Psychic Hilary to help locate their missing cat Violet, Jon was extremely skeptical that a pet psychic could actually find their missing cat. Jon was amazed when the clues that Pet Psychic Hilary provided actually led them to find Violet. Jon writes a wonderful testimonial below where he admits there are some things that science can not understand.

"We returned to our home in Decatur, GA from a 10 day trip to northern California, on Sunday 4/7/2019 at about 2am ... it was very, very stormy night. We had re-hired an acquaintance who had pet-sat for us in the past to spend the week with our 2 cats and 1 dog. We (wrongfully) assumed she would remember details about our pets, including that our 1 1/2 year-old kitties (Heidi & Violet) were indoor only, and that Violet is deaf. Sometime during her visit, the cats wandered out while she sat outside with the dog on our deck, door wide open. The note we read on that stormy return simply said 'dog was great, didn't see the kitties much'. I am the kitties 'person' and the sense of dread I felt at that moment was so overwhelming I felt physical pain in my guts. I had immediately fallen into despair and grief - they would never survive being outside, even if it was just this night they got out. I tried to sleep for a couple of hours while the storm ebbed, knowing I would have to find their little bodies in the morning. We texted and called the pet-sitter rampantly and she finally answered and confessed that she could not recollect the last time she saw them (she was beside herself with grief at her mistake, I grant her that). Sunday morning 7am, I began a panic-stricken search of our backyard, which is not very big, but is fairly open with many perimeter tall oaks, fence holes, tools, toys and clutter. Furthermore, for those who do not know Atlanta sprawl, we are 20 minutes outside the city proper and have dozens of barred owls (could easily carry off a 7lb kitty), red-tailed hawks, feral cats, and coyotes prowling about. I knew the deaf one (Violet) didn't stand a chance against nocturnal predators...no way. Utter grief and despair as we searched, I was literally sobbing thinking of their demise, abandoned outside for who knows how long. Suddenly I located Heidi wedged between our shed and the wooden fence. She was injured, but recognized me and let me pull her free to bring inside and nurse. Bitten and clawed backside, traumatized, dehydrated ... new panic after brief elation. We are very lucky to have a close friend veterinarian rush over and tend to her. Heidi healed after a few days and has since fully recovered. But what about Violet ? There were no signs. I searched all nooks and crannies for hours that day and night to no avail ... see-sawing between desperation and despair. Having to return to work on Tuesday, my wife and I could not concentrate, envisioning dreadful images of our poor kitty. If she was alive, she must be worse off than Heidi - swollen and infected, backed into a dark place to die, if she wasn't already carried off. For 2 more days each morning I left at 5am and put out clothing strips, searched the yard and neighboring yards ... went to and returned from work only to go out again, sometimes until 1am. I didn't know where to go other than the logical places she could have escaped...but how far she could have gotten I didn't know, which direction - I didn't know. She is jet black, master of hiding in our small house ... there are literally thousands of places in a 100 yard radius and I searched them all. By the third night, I began to numb with the idea she was certainly gone and I wouldn't find her. Friends and relatives began consoling us on her finality, and I let them because I knew ...she was gone. We sobbed at night. Angry, lost and heartbroken. 7pm Wednesday April 10th I relented on my wife calling you, a pet psychic ... referred by her sister in southern California (who recently lost her 15 y/o dog and wanted to channel him in the after-life). News stories and testimonials did not convince me of anything - I was appeasing my grief-stricken wife who held onto some deep far-off strand of hope that I did not share. Science and logic were clear to me that you were simply an emotional band-aid for my wife that I was willing to afford her. I left to coach my soccer team for the night and returned home exhausted around 10pm, unable to digest her relating your conversation to me. In the morning she insisted I listen, which I did ... and that's when it happened. I figured to hear some ambiguous generalities to assuage the hope and 'exploit' the vulnerability people feel in desperation, as most charlatans can sniff out ... however the more I listened, the more I started to feel some hope, and the more I started to believe, because the descriptions I was hearing were too coincidental, too detailed, and too accurate to be a scam. You are across the country ... no way you know anything about our house or neighborhood. I looked on Google earth and there is nothing tell-tale about the photos. Most importantly, there is no way you could know that the kitty could only exit the front of the house, when logically any cat would have gone out the back into the cover of the brush through the easier egress in our yard. The last detail is retrospective, but it was true nonetheless. These were the notes my wife relayed that your clairvoyance revealed : [Violet was alive and near a white house with a garage door that frequently operated, and had a clear view of a boxy white or silver vehicle like a van or truck. She was afraid of the tall male and smaller male that frequented her proximity, but she was hidden under something with headroom to see, like a wooden deck or stairs, that she could hunker down inside to hide. She didn't remember a fight, but once outside had immediately left Heidi to explore and didn't see her again. She remembered crossing over 2 different stone or concrete barriers, maybe driveways, paths. or streets. She was afraid to move. She was afraid of seeing her person.] I found new energy and hope with this news, and I was pulled out of a pit of despair into a place of purpose by the fact that you knew Violet was alive, and I now believed it. We focused our search in close proximity to the clues - all the front and side yards within view of the cul-de-sac and the garage door(s) on our end of the street (every house down the other direction has a car-port). I was out until nearly 2am scouring every inch of property in this swathe. I finally had to stop and go to bed, but I still had some hope. I had to go to work the next day but at about 3pm I received a text message that at 4am that morning, Violet was caught on surveillance camera at the front porch of the house directly across the street ! Thursday night I searched high and low, put out food and clothing, even tried to walk Heidi around over there for scent (I don't recommend trying this - she freaked out and almost ran away). Another night went by and I started to get frantic... she was so close but there are woods behind the houses across the street, nocturnal predators abound. I had to go to work again, but I knew she was alive and at least walking like she was unharmed... I also knew I had to hurry. 6pm Friday 4/12/2019 I was now emailing a pet-tracker in the vicinity to track down Violet as her scent was fresh and close. She was not available until Saturday so I had set traps, hating to catch her this way but at least getting her safely before another night went by. As the sun was setting, my son went skateboarding down the street to a friend's house and as my gaze swung back from watching him go, across the street in the adjacent yard from the surveillance camera, I saw a little black face with a white spot under it staring at the boy riding away ...my heart exploded. I whistled as loud as I could - piercing loud - and that little head didn't flinch, poised ears didn't flicker - that cat was deaf ! It was Violet !! ... no doubt about it. I took 2 steps down the driveway and she looked at me for about 5 solid seconds, then turned and disappeared. ARGH - the torture. I knew if I went down there it might be the last time I saw her if she spooked so I went to bed that night very anxious. I woke up at 4am and sat quietly in my driveway until the sun came up ... no Violet. All that hope ... she might have run off into the woods. 5pm Saturday 4/13/2019 ( time missing : 8 - 14 days ) Kim the CatFinder arrived at our house with Henry, a large black and white male cat with eyes like a sharp-shooter. Kim and Henry caught Violet's trail behind our house and out the side front gate to the woodpile where Henry sniffed all around for a solid 5 minutes. Kim thought Violet spent a good amount of time here. (Kim knows nothing of our interlude with you). Kim proceeded down the driveway to put Henry in the yard where I had just seen Violet the previous day and within minutes, Henry tromped off and was soon poised at the wooden cellar door underneath the front stairs. Kim gently cracked the door (while we were kicking ourselves for not looking there) and she saw Violet dart into the dark corner to hide. My wife went in to keep an eye on her location and when I entered we found her cowering under some lawn equipment. I rubbed my hand under my sweaty shirt and when I put it down to Violet's buried head, she made a small noise and lifted her head to let me scratch it. When I puller by the scruff out of the dark corner, she knew it was me and she certainly acted like she had been saved. I will admit that I wept as she vocalized scratchy sounds of recognition. Violet has been home 24 hours, is doing well, and has spent most of the time maowing at me (deaf cat meow), eating and drinking, and sleeping openly on my bed (where we used to shun the cats ... not anymore). I slept for 10 hours last night and writing this story for the past 2 hours is the longest thing I have spent doing aside from petting my beautiful, special little girl, who was miraculously found in a second-winded search sparked by the visions of a woman 3000 miles away. I believe in science, math and logic ... the power of the energy of living beings able to connect is now a chapter in my book of physical truths about the universe we live in. Thank you from the depths of my being, Hilary ... in this very real and true story, you have pulled our souls from the depths of doom up into the light, and helped create the happiest ending to the greatest tragedy that almost happened to us. We can now finally reminisce about the beauty of the redwood forest we were immersed in a lifetime ago - maybe even with a newly found appreciation. Humbly and graciously, -- Jon + Tracie Decatur, GA **The attached pictures corroborate almost everything you told my wife ... some things were lost in time as Violet eventually did move and we do not know when, but all the details accurately describe her vantage points on, and maybe closely before, the evening of your connection. A lot of how I wrote this is retrospective, but in sleuthing through your clues we gained a fresh perspective, hope, and eventually confidence you knew that Violet was alive and where she was hiding. -From the back door there is a concrete patio and stone path under a concrete retaining wall, leading to the front side gate...the neighbor's house also has a stone/ concrete retaining wall, and their driveway was recently widened to within a few feet of our yard. -There is a pile of stacked wood at this point - about 30 feet from their white garage door - that is uneven and had pockets of space underneath facing their white house. -One would have to cross 2 or 3 of the concrete pads to get to the woodpile. -The cul-de-sac neighbor is an hvac contractor and his white van is always parked on the street as shown in the photo. -Directly behind the vantage point across my front yard is my silver pick-up truck which is in clear view through other gaps in the logs from the neighbor's side of the pile. -The couple that lives next door are one tall man (about 6ft) and his relatively smaller partner (about 5'-4"), who leave for the gym every morning before dawn (using the garage door), walk their dog when they return (close, re-open, and re-close the garage door), and then one goes to work (open and close garage door), and one works from home but walks the dog a couple of times during the day (yes, garage door up and down a few more times). Return from work, out to dinner, blah-blah-blah - the garage door opens and closes at least a dozen times throughout the day from dawn to dark. -Violet was afraid to see her owner - which she definitely did ... walking to and from the truck, and possibly walking right past her in the bushes or under the woodpile on one of the first nights out searching. the honest truth Violet was found behind a wooden door, underneath stairs. It is certain that Violet spent a significant amount of time under a woodpile in front of a white house with a frequently operating garage door The path to this woodpile crosses 2 or 3 stone/concrete surfaces Her final hiding place crossed 1 driveway and 1 street

The house next door is occupied by a tall man and short man who frequented outside next to the woodpile, entering and exiting through the garage door

There is a clear view of both a white van and silver pick-up truck from immediate vantage points from the woodpile

I most likely ventured into her immediate proximity during the early search

Cats are one of the most resilient and loving animals humans have the privilege of knowing

Hilary is a real professional and a very astounding reminder of the energy we all share and frequently fail to understand.

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