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Dog Escapes From Pet Sitter in Eugene, Oregon is Found with Help of Pet Psychic.

Cathy contacted me because her poodle Etta had escaped from her pet sitter's friend's back yard. Unfortunately, the area where Etta escaped was unfamiliar territory. Etta had been spotted several times in different places within a 1 mile radius of the pet sitter's friend's back yard. Etta had been spotted near a winery, near some houses and also in a back yard. Cathy wanted to pin down where Etta was hiding to one area among the several areas so Cathy decided to call a pet psychic for help.

When I communicated with Etta, she showed me that she was near two white pillars and a hedge and she was near houses. Etta showed me that she was very scared and it felt like strangers were chasing her.

Cathy was able to find the two white pillars and the hedge by the houses. She went and sat in that area. Thankfully, Etta came out of hiding!

Cathy of Eugene, Oregon writes:

"Hilary. We trapped Ella Sat morn after 8 days. She was trapped extremely close to the house I was sitting st when you called with the white yard pillars and hedge. I think she was hiding under a deck at a different house tho across the street from that house. She is ok."

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