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Yonkers, New York two month old lost kitten found with the help of a pet psychic.

It is not a good day for any family when a two month old kitten goes missing. Kittens can be careless and often don't understand the dangers of outside living. Some kittens think the world is a giant Disneyland just waiting for them to come out and play.

Steven and his girlfriend in Yonkers, New York had recently taken a new pair of kittens into their home. Max is a little trouble maker and often hangs around the back door with the intention of trying to see what fun lies beyond. Sadly Max did slip out. He had been missing for 2 days. Steven and his girlfriend had combed the neighborhood and even taken Max's brother out to see if that would entice Max to come out of hiding. After two days of searching they decided to call a pet psychic and got a referral from someone who had previously used my services to help find her missing pet.

When I communicated with Max, he showed me that he was within 4 homes of their home, in a tight crawl space of a beige home, near a mop and near a brown cat. Max showed me that he was very afraid of the brown cat and was being as quiet as possible. Max had heard Steven and his girlfriend's voices but, he was afraid if he made a noise, he would alert the brown cat that Max was nearby.

When I told Steven about the brown cat next to the beige house, Steven remembered seeing the brown cat next to a beige home that was one home from their home. I made some suggestions about how to coax Max out of hiding. Steven called me back that evening to let me know he had seen Max poke his head out, but then Max hid again. Then the next morning Steven called to let me know that they had finally been able to get Max home! Max was dirty, still scared and a little skinnier,but at least he was alive!

Steven of Yonkers, New York writes: “I've got good news. We found Max next door in a tight space. Thank you for all of your help.”

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