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Pet Psychic helps lost Husky dogs in Iraq.

Husky Dogs are lost in Iraq. Pet Psychic gives owner hope that dogs are alive and coming home!

Angela contacted me because two of her Husky dogs Flash and Luna had somehow escaped from her home in Iraq. Angela was worried because Huskys can travel a long way fast and Iraq can be a dangerous place for loose dogs.

When I communicated with Flash and Luna, they showed me that they were out on a grand adventure. They had found food, they were still within 5 miles of Angela's home and the dogs planned on coming home when they had finished with their “grand safari” and tour of the land.

Angela shared that she was glad to know that, at least they were alive!

Not long later a man who lived nearby called to let Angela know that he had found Flash and Luna on his property and had been taking care of them. The man brought Flash and Luna home. Angela is very thankful to the man and all of the help she received. As you can see in the picture, Flash and Luna are happy to be home too!

Angela of Iraq writes:

"We got the huskies back! Thank you so much for your help."

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