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Kansas City, Missouri lost English Bulldog recovered with help of Pet Psychic.

Krystal helps a pet rescue organization find permanent homes for dogs. Part of the process is having a dog stay in a foster home while a suitable new home is found and so the dog can be socialized to living in a loving home. Tucker is an English Bulldog who previously had a bad life. He had been abused and neglected by his former owners which caused Tucker to easily startle. Tucker had only been at his foster mom's house for one day, when he escaped from the yard and seemed to have vanished.

Krystal also knows that English Bulldogs are one of the most stolen dog breeds, so she was very concerned that it would be difficult to get Tucker back. Since there were no leads, Krystal decided to contact a pet psychic and after some online research, she called me to find out where Tucker might be located.

Tucker showed me that he had been picked up by a man who is about 30 years old with dark colored hair, drives a pickup truck and lives or works in the neighborhood. The man had not taken Tucker far and had been feeding Tucker food.

I suggested that Krystal put up a reward flier in the area where Tucker went missing.

Thankfully, Krystal emailed me two days later with good news. A man who lived in the area with dark colored hair who lives in the neighborhood had come forward for the reward money.

Krystal of Missouri wrote me a review on her Facebook page:

“You were almost 100% correct!”

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