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Lost dog in Guatemala found with help of Pet Psychic

Raul of Carretera Fraijanes, Guatemala contacted me because his beloved dog Dolce had gone missing.

Raul was concerned that someone might have stolen Dolce, but after trying several possible leads on who might have taken Dolce, and still not finding her, Raul decided to try a pet psychic.

When I communicated with Dolce, she showed me that a man with dark short hair had picked up Dolce while on Raul's property. The man had taken Dolce away in his truck. Dolce mentioned that the man had bags of things with a circle shaped logo in his truck. The man took Dolce to a tan colored home. Dolce had been fed by a woman who was older. There were other people coming and going from the home.

When I shared the information about Dolce's location to Raul, he remembered that there had been a cell phone company maintenance crew on his property that day. The maintenance crew did have bags with a circle shaped logo.

Raul was able to track down the man who took Dolce through the cell phone maintenance company. He also found out where the man and his family lived. After offering a reward to the family, two girls came forward with Dolce.

Dolce is home and safe!

Raul of Carretera Fraijanes, Guatemala writes:

"We believe she was stolen by one of the Technicians that were working on the property that day fixing a cell phone antenna

They had the only vehicles that could have taken Dolce. And they work out of a warehouse that has a Circular logo."

Thank you Hilary!”

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