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Houston, Texas skittish missing cat found with help of pet psychic. Read testimonial from relieved o

Aimee of Houston, Texas contacted me because her skittish cat Lola had been missing for 2 days. Aimee had walked the neighborhood, contacted her neighbors via the Nextdoor app, contacted her local animal shelter and all of the things she could think of to help bring Lola home. The one thing that Aimee had not tried was contacting a pet psychic so she looked me up online and gave it a try.

When I communicated with Lola, she showed me that she had seen a man with a motorcycle helmet near an tan home. Then Lola heard a loud crashing noise and went to hide. Lola was not sure if she was trapped or not because she had not tried to move since she had run away. Lola shared that she was very frightened and was waiting until she felt safe before she even tried to go home.

When I shared with Aimee the details about the man with the motorcycle helmet and the tan house, Aimee said that fit the description of her next door neighbor.

Thankfully, Aimee texted me back the next day that Lola had been found inside the neighbor man with the motorcycle's tan garage.

Aimee of Houston, Texas writes:

“Lola is home!!!! You were 100% right.

Some more details I didn't share with you - in case you would like to include them - you said she saw a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and my neighbor across the street has a motorcycle and wears a helmet. You said that she was in a garage or backyard she and she was in my neighbor's garage. You even got the exterior paint color of the house right. You mentioned that you didn't think she was trapped and she told you that she was waiting for the coast to clear.. my neighbor knew she was there and left his garage door open so she could leave, but he was standing there, so of course, she was too freaked out to leave at that moment. The day after our reading, I heard her meow coming from his garage so I knocked on his door and woke him up I think (it was around 11pm). He opened the door, she walked over to me, we went inside my house, she was super cuddly and happy to be home and then

drank from her water dish for a long time. She's been really lovey since.. 💕”

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