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Aurora, Utah missing dog's remains found with aid of pet psychic.

Paige of Aurora, Utah contacted a pet psychic because Dally the Australian Cattle Dog had been missing four days. Paige had already walked many miles in search of Dally and she still had no idea where Dally could be located. Unfortunately, it had recently snowed. Paige hated the idea of Dally alone and freezing somewhere.

When I communicated with Dally, she told me that unfortunately, she was unconscious and possibly dead. Dally reported that something had unexpectedly fallen on top of her body and she had been unconscious ever since.

Dally showed me that she was near a tall post with wire or cable wrapped around it, a ditch, some dead plants and there was an off-white or pale gray home in the distance.

Dally wanted Paige to know that she would have come home if she could.

When I mentioned the off white home to Paige, she commented that she knew where that home was located.

Two hours later, Paige contacted me again to let me know that she had found Dally's remains. Apparently, something had fallen on Dally because Dally's legs where laid out flat.

Paige of Aurora, Utah writes:

"Everything Dally mentioned was there. Thank you for your help."

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