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Corinth, Mississippi stolen dog recovered with help of pet psychic

Jessica of Corinth, Mississippi contacted me because her dog Titan went missing Christmas morning. Jessica suspected that Titan had roamed out of her yard and, because of Titan's friendly attitude, either 1) someone had Titan or 2) Titan was out making new friends or 3) something really bad had occurred.

When I communicated with Titan, he showed me that he was in the garage a gray and brown home. A man with short hair was keeping Titan locked up and alone. The garage smelled like garbage and there were a lot of tools in the garage. Titan did not think he was very far from Jessica's home.

Jessica felt very encouraged after talking to me and hoped to recover Titan soon.

That evening a veterinarian in Jessica's neighborhood called to inform Jessica that a nearby landlady had turned Titan into the veterinarian because her male renter had left Titan in the garage after the male tenant moved out. There were some odd parts of the landlady's story that did not make sense, but Jessica was just glad nothing terrible had happened to Titan.

As you can see from the picture, Titan is home!

Jessica of Corinth, Mississippi writes:

"Our baby Titan went missing early Christmas morning. Beginning to become discouraged, I done a swift internet search for pet communicator hoping to gain as much help or any leads possible, which lead me straight to Hilary! After a wonderful session with Hilary filled with useful information, we were reunited."

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