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Culman, Alabama lost foster dog found with help of pet psychic animal communicator and frayed rope clue about his location.

May 15, 2020

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Lake Station, Indiana lost dog found within 15 minutes with help of pet psychic. Dog and owner finally get some much needed rest!

January 6, 2018


Deborah of Lake Station, Indiana contacted me because her German Shepard dog Piper had been missing for two days.  Despite several sightings of Piper about one mile of their home, Piper was still missing and Deborah had only had one hour of sleep due to her search efforts.


It was uncharacteristic of Piper to leave their property.  Deborah figured that Piper had probably run off because he was trying to herd two visiting dogs back onto their property.


When I contacted Piper he told me that he was on his way home, but he kept finding distractions and barriers.  I shared with Piper that he needed to focus and come home.  


I called Deborah and shared some focusing techniques she could use to send the "come home" message to Piper as well.


15 minutes later Deborah called me with good news!  Piper had been found heading towards their home.  He was found only two blocks away.


Deborah was also amazed when I told her Piper had shared that he was worried about Deborah because of a recent pain in her leg.


Deborah of Lake Station, Indiana writes;


Thank you! I am so tired.



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