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Las Vegas, Nevada missing dog found with help of animal communicator.

Ashley of Las Vegas, Nevada contacted me because her little dog Bentley had run out of her apartment door while no one was looking. Ashley realised Bentley was missing moments later, but by that time Bentley was long gone.

When I communicated with Bentley, he shared that he had run to a nearby building, found an open door and run up the stairs because Bentley thought it looked a lot like the stairs to Ashley's apartment building and Bentley wanted to go home.

When I shared the news with Ashley, she was very skeptical. She doubted that Bentley would have been able to make it up the stairs of a tall building because of his health issues. However, Ashley went out and put up lost pet flyers near the apartment buildings in her area.

Thankfully, a construction worker at one of the nearby buildings saw Ashley's sign and returned Bentley after finding him hiding in condo building under construction.

Ashley of Las Vegas, Nevada writes:

"You are definately awesome. A construction worker brought my dog to a vet hospital.. He said he was doing electrical work in the condos down the street from my house and heard him crying.. turned out he was behind a glass door near the bathroom on the third level...Thank you so much."

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