How a spirit message from this dog changed his owner's health for the better.

November 25, 2015


Linda contacted me to communicate with her dog Porsche who had crossed over into the spirit world.  What Linda did not expect was for Porsche to share information about Linda's physical health that proved to be life changing.  


Porsche shared with me that Linda had an physical ailment that caused her constant pain all over her body.  Porsche showed me that there was a lingering spirit around Linda that was causing the illness. Porsche showed me if Linda could get rid of the spirit, Porsche believed Linda's pain would go away and Linda would be much happier and Porsche would not worry so much about Linda.


Even from the spirit world Porsche still saw herself as Linda's protector and best friend.  


Linda of Austin, Texas writes:


“During that reading, you asked me if I had chronic pain.  You said that Porsche showed you I had chronic pain and that it was caused by a negative attachment.  I had been suffering from auto-immune disorders, so your insight caught me off guard to say the least.  You said that Porsche insisted I get the attachment removed if I wanted to get better and you suggested that I find a spiritual healer.  Within the next few weeks I did find a spiritual healer. After the attachment removal session, things really started to fall into place.  I could feel a shift, and the next week, I stumbled across a holistic doctor. For some reason I felt I needed to see her and as it turns out she diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue and started me on a new medicine.  Within that first week, all of my pain and fatigue was gone.  I was actually kind of mad because I spent years drugged up on pain medication for muscle, joint and nerve pain and was only getting worse and all I actually needed was to treat my adrenal glands.  I truly believe none of this would have happened without your gift to communicate with Porsche and I could never thank you enough for your guidance. I feel I am now entering a new chapter in my life without pain and it all started with you.”


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