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Bellingham, Washington cat found. Owner is very happy!

Jonelle's cat Zwei had been missing for five days. Jonelle had been walking around and alerting her neighbors to be on the look out for Zwei, but because she knew there are coyotes in her area, Jonelle was not hopeful Zwei was still alive. Jonelle chanced upon one of her neighbors Jackie. Jackie mentioned that I had helped locate her missing cat and suggested Jonelle contact me.

When I communicated with Zwei, she shared that she was alive (hooray) and that she had been frighted by a neighborhood cat. Zwei showed me that she was hiding just down the street near a multi-colored lattice fence and a juniper bush. Zwei knew the way home, but she was the neighborhood cat would attack again if she tried to return home.

Jonelle went down the street, found the multi-colored lattice fence and the juniper bush. She followed my instructions and went home. Zwei came home latter that evening. She was hungry, but she was alive and that was all that mattered to Jonelle.

Jonelle of Bellingham, Washington writes:

"My cats are my family. I would have kept looking for as long as it took to find her. Your phone number is on my speed dial now."

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