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Lost dog in Temecula, California found trapped at bottom of drainage pipe with help of psychic.

Watch a video of dog owner Kathleen's excitement as her dog Cash is pulled out of a 100 foot deep drainage pipe in Temecula, California. Kathleen used the help of pet psychic Hilary Renaissance to locate her dog who had been missing for 6 days after the dog ran off from the owner's job site. Pet Psychic Hilary communicated with Cash to find out where he was located. Cash showed Pet Psychic Hilary that he was about 2 miles away from where he was last seen, near a rectangular shaped, beige colored building, a tarp and a long road in the distance.

Kathleen was overjoyed to find her lost dog Cash where Pet Psychic Hilary suggested. Kathleen found about 2 miles away, near the rectangular shaped, beige colored building, the tarp and the long road in the distance. The drainage pipe where Cash was trapped was so deep that a pipe fitter had to be hired to pull Cash out with a rope and pully. Everyone was amazed that Cash has survived for 7 days at the bottom of a pipe with out food and water! Cash is home in now. He received antibiotics for his injuries from the fall, a steak dinner and a bath!

Pet owner Kathleen of Temecula, California texted this review and testimonial of Pet Psychic's ability to help locate her lost dog:

"We found our cash boy!! I hired a pipe inspection company today to go down with a crawler type camera. This pipe had no exit. They went down almost 100 feet and found him alive! You gave us so many clues to go by we knew he was close by and we hung onto the fact that he had probably hadn't crossed over yet! Thank you so much for your help we are so grateful. Here is a picture of a sweet face when the camera got a glimpse of him in the pipe."


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