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Missing Pit Bull mix dog found in Houston, Texas with help of pet psychic

Gloria of Houston, Texas contacted me because her granddaughter's dog Nola had been missing for 3 days. Gloria feared that because Nola is a mixed breed Pit Bull and that they live in a "bad neighborhood" that Nola had been stolen for dog fighting bait. There had been no sightings of Nola since she went missing. Gloria decided to contact a pet psychic because she was worried about Nola and needed some guidance about where to begin her search.

When I communicated with Nola, she shared that, thankfully, she had not been used for dog fighting bait. Nola shared that she had been picked up by a man with dark hair. The man had taken Nola to a nearby beige apartment building with a parking lot and that they where up some stairs. I suggested that Gloria go door to door to apartment buildings within a 1/4 mile radius, but that she take a man with her for protection. (It is never good for a woman to go looking for a dog alone.)

Gloria called me with good news! She shared that at the 1st place she visited to inquired about Nola a man told her that his brother had found Nola running in the streets because of the sounds of gunshots. The brother had taken Nola into his home. Apparently the brother and the brother's daughters liked Nola so much that they were planning on keeping her as a family pet. Gloria went and recovered Nola for her grand daughter.

When Gloria called, she also told me that is was her granddaughter's birthday that day and her grand daughter remarked that getting Nola back was "the best birthday present ever!"

Gloria also wrote me a thank you text:

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Missing Pit Bull dog found in Houston, Texas with help of pet psychic.


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