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Missing kitten in Morristown, New Jersey coaxed home with the help of animal communicator.

Missing kitten in Morristown, New Jersey coaxed home with help of animal communicator.

Hillary of Morristown, New Jersey contacted me because her sweet kitten Buddy slipped out an open door before anyone could catch him. Hillary hoped he would just show up tired and hungry, but a day had passed with no sign of Buddy.

When I communicated with Buddy, he let me know he was just fine. As a matter of fact Buddy felt that he had found a whole new world that was just for his viewing pleasure!

Buddy showed me that he had seen a man with tan skin and dark hair down the street at a tan house. Buddy had hidden in the bushes and watched the man water the garden with a hose. Buddy reported that it was fascinating to watch and he did not want to leave the area with so many excited things going on around him. (Buddy reminded me of some happy children I once saw at Disneyland who did not want to go home when the Park closed.)

I suggested that Hillary go look for Buddy, but not to be surprised if she did not see him right away because Buddy did not want to be caught.

Hillary emailed me the next day to let me know that she found the place with the man with tan skin, the tan house and the garden hose and lots of boxwood bushes where Buddy could hide, but she did not see Buddy. Later that evening, Buddy showed up as happy as he could be.

Hillary of Morristown, New Jersey writes:

"I guess he had enough fun for one day!! Thank you so much for giving me such hope!Truly, the most comforting piece from our session was knowing that he was alive. That instantly changed my energy too which I fully believe helped him find his way home."

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