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Find Out How These Dogs Came To Get Along


Just like with rivalry among sibling children, when you have two or more animals vying for dominance (or "mom's or dad's" attention), jealousy and acting out behaviors of all kinds can erupt and make your home miserable. Julia's big Belgian sheepdog Sasha was used to being the king of the house. Trouble ensued when Julia brought a stray dog named Annie home who suffered from troubled beginnings. Annie chewed the furniture, stole food from the cupboards she managed to open and peed in the house when Julia was not looking. Julia decided the situation was getting worse and decided to contact a pet medium.  After communicating with Sasha, I learned that he felt his job of guarding their home was threatened. Annie, on the other hand, felt like an interloper in the house who might be cast out at any minute.


Julia of Los Angeles, California writes:


"Hilary's insights helped me understand what was going on with my dog, Annie, a stray with some personality challenges. In communicating with Annie, Hilary discovered why Annie was having trouble adjusting to living harmoniously with my other dog, Sasha. Hilary's suggestions changed the dynamics in our house. Annie's behavior has improved immeasurably, and Sasha has completely accepted her, all thanks to Hilary's empathy and skill. On our daily walks, people are always commenting on how much better Annie looks and how well adjusted she now is. I always credit Hilary!

"The other thing that really helped was Hilary's insight that Annie considers herself a smart dog who has the ability to get into the food supply, so why shouldn't she? I've been praising her for being so smart and explaining to her that she'll always be fed, and she's stopped a lot of the food stealing that she was doing compulsively before. Actually, there are SO MANY things that Hilary helped us with!"

Julia no longer worries that the dogs will fight when left alone.  Sasha and Annie are friends now.

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