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When Cats Eliminate Inappropriately


Cats that pee inappropriately are trying to tell us something! K.G. in Seattle contacted a pet psychic medium because, much to her dismay, her cat Maui had begun to pee on her bedspread for no apparent medical reason. I communicated with "Maui" and found out that she was fearful that because her person had a new partner and a new living situation, Maui would be given away. As it was, Maui felt bored. She was left in a very small apartment without much stimulation while her people worked long hours.

Maui was fearful she was being abandoned like she had been by her previous owner and imagined that bad things would happen to her. Maui had been peeing inappropriately due to the stress and boredom. I worked with Maui at first on some of her fears and then on her anger about being left alone. Finally we came to a compromise, identifying what would make Maui happy and give her a more interesting environment so she would not need to pee outside the litter box any longer.


K.G. in Seattle, Washington writes:


"My cat Maui wanted to be and had previously been an outdoor cat. She was confined to a small apartment, unhappily, and was fearful we would give her away. Hilary helped us understand this, and gave us the tools and knowledge to expand the space and move energy around the apartment. She let us know Maui needed more affection and reassurance that we would never leave her. We are all much happier and understanding of each other. She no longer rips around the apartment at 3:00 am or pees on the bedspread."

How to solve cat litter box problems, inappropriate elimination

Maui is no longer afraid of being abandoned.

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