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When Someone is Keeping Your Pet: Clues and Police Information Lead to the Voluntary Return of Missing Dog


It is frightening to think that someone may be keeping your dog and you can do nothing about it. CM's yellow Labrador Retriever dog COMETOME just vanished from her property one day, which was very odd. COMETOME had always stayed extremely close to home and hated to be away from CM for even short lengths of time. CM contacted the local police and advertised a huge reward for COMETOME's return. After 2 weeks and no leads, CM decided to contact a Pet Psychic.


COMETOME showed me that he was with a man who had a red motorcycle, fit a certain physical description, had a house that was a certain color and was within a certain mileage from CM's home. Armed with the physical description of the man and the fact that he owned a red motorcycle, CM went to her local police station and, with the help of the Chief of Police, was able to conduct a search through the police database for owners of red motorcycles within a certain distance of CM's home. Luckily, there were only 6 owners of red motorcycles and only one man fit the physical description I had provided. After a trip to the man's home, CM was able to secure the voluntary return of COMETO ME. Today COMETOME is happily at home with his rightful owner.


Note: This story was featured on KOMO 4 TV nightly news.  The TV news clip features testimonial from the Enterprise, Mississippi Police Chief involved in COMETOME's recovery.


CM of Enterprise, Mississippi writes:


"In the disappearance of my canine best friend, COMETOME, Hilary Renaissance gave me the exact description of the person's red motorcycle, his physical appearance, the distance from my home and physical description of his residence. Within hours COMETOME was returned home to me. I know that I have COMETOME back because of the information that Hilary gave to me. I am forever grateful."

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