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Why this cat left and why he came home. Help from a Pet Psychic leads Oregon woman to her missing cat.

Rufus the cat had been missing for five days when his human friend, Elizabeth, contacted me. Elizabeth was concerned because her other cat, Betto, had recently been bullying Rufus, making him feel unwanted. She was also worried because there were many coyotes in her neighborhood.

I contacted Rufus and learned that he had become scared and disoriented from the sounds of a BB gun and had run for safety into a garage some blocks away. Elizabeth was able to use the information I gave her about the location of the garage and a possibility of children playing in the driveway to locate Rufus.

However, Rufus did not want to come home and face Betto, preferring to live in a field a short distance from Elizabeth's house. I counseled with Rufus about his fears and finally he consented to let Elizabeth catch him and bring him home. As you can see in the picture, Rufus is now safe and sound and getting along with the other cats who live in Elizabeth's home.


Elizabeth of Ashland, Oregon writes:


Hilary's relationship with animals is extraordinary, and she shares her gift with great kindness and compassion. Her profound, sensitive insights not only helped me recover my lost cat, but also taught me newer and deeper ways of communicating with my animals. Rufus is reintegrating with the household and is holding his own with Betto remarkably well. John and I are both amazed by the transformation in him - he is so much more confident and relaxed!

Fear based cat behavior, missing cat found, Oregon, pet psychic, lost cat

Rufus was afraid to come home because he was being bullied by another cat.

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