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Runaway puppy in Maryland found twice!


Catherine had just adopted Belle, a very timid puppy. Because Belle was calm on the drive home, Catherine set her out on the grass to give her an opportunity to smell her new environment. Everything seemed great until Catherine tried to pick Belle up again. Belle buckled with fear and bolted away toward the houses in Catherine's cul-de-sac. Catherine and a search party combed the area for two days to no avail. Belle had vanished. Curious about pet psychics, Catherine decided to give me a try.

When I communicated with Belle, she let me know that she had turned around and run in the opposite direction about 1/4 mile until she reached the edge of a wooded area. She described a hill that sloped downward and opened up onto another housing development with gray homes. Catherine knew exactly the area I described and rushed out to find Belle running back and forth on the slope between the woods and housing development. However, when Catherine approached Belle, Belle bolted off again. Catherine searched the whole area again for two days before she called me for a second consultation. This time Belle had run off another 1/4 mile to different housing development that had gray houses, decks with lattice decoration underneath, long curved roads, no sidewalks and big, sparsely landscaped, 25 foot front yards. Belle had hidden in gray shed that was next to a single large tree. Catherine found Belle the next evening and took her home for a much needed meal!


Catherine of Montgomery Village, Maryland writes:


"I had never contacted a psychic and was extremely pleased with the results. After Belle had been missing for two days, I decided to research pet psychics on the Internet. I found a listing and zeroed in on one name, Hilary Renaissance, Animal Communicator. For me, I was especially concerned about Belle's fragile emotional state, an area that Hilary specializes in. I was also fascinated by her holistic approach and spiritual methods of healing animals through trauma. I immediately took a liking to Hilary on the telephone. She has a very soft, soothing voice and a calm approach to finding animals. Hilary's descriptions of Belle's location were right on the mark both times! I cannot say enough about Hilary's psychic skills and ability to handle desperate situations in a calm and professional manner. I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or family to Hilary."

Pet Psychic, lost, Maryland, Washington, help locating missing dogs

Newly adopted dogs like Belle are often fearful and prone to run away at the slightest provocation.

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