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When a Beloved Pet Passes On


Rita decided to call a pet psychic medium after her cat, Charly, had been hit by a car. She was distraught because she could not understand what would cause Charly to run into a busy street. She also wanted Charly to know how much Rita loved and missed her and to know if Charly had any messages for Rita.

I communicated with Charly and learned she had been chased into the street by a cat with big powerful legs. Charly wanted Rita to know that her death had been a shock to her, too, but that she was in a good place now. Charly told me of her favorite tree that had good protection and, as she described, "a nice smell of mice", where she wanted to be buried. Charly also wanted Rita to know how much she will always love and appreciate Rita.


Rita in Madison, Wisconsin writes:


"I will be forever grateful for the gift you gave me. Losing Charly was so painful, but it brought so much comfort to hear from her through you. You told me she had been chased by a big cat, and there is a big cat in the neighborhood that she was really frightened of. She was never scared of any of the dogs (she scratched our neighbor's dog's nose once when he wanted to play with her!!), but she was really scared of that particular cat. I felt better knowing how it had happened.

You mentioned her personality, which exactly described her. You also brought me messages from her for me, which are helping me heal. Charly told you where she wanted to be buried and you described perfectly the part of our yard where she now rests. I am so appreciative and again, forever grateful."

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Charly now rests in a spot by her favorite tree.

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