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In memory of Kaylee.

A Touching Story of Closure: A Pet Psychic Helps Texas Woman Find Her Missing Dog's Remains.


By the time Susan had contacted me, she was exhausted from her non-stop three-day search for her lost Scottish Terrier dog, Kaylee. One moment, Kaylee was right behind Susan as she loaded boxes into her car. When Susan turned around again, Kaylee had vanished. Susan searched a mile in every direction many times, but there was no sign of Kaylee. When I communicated with Kaylee, she told me she had passed over, but that her physical form could be found one-half mile away near a two-lane highway by a drainage ditch, close to an open pipe in some tall grasses. With this description, Susan was able to locate Kaylee's last resting place. Although Susan had hoped to find Kaylee alive, knowing what had happened to Kaylee and being able to bury her at home was a great comfort.


Susan of Wakes Village, Texas writes:


"If Hilary had not told me where to look, I'd probably still be out there searching for Kaylee today, worrying that Kaylee was cold and alone or with a person who mistreated her.

"Hilary told me exactly where to look, about a half-mile from where she was last seen. I went and measured it afterwards and Kaylee was found almost exactly 1/2 mile from where she disappeared, near an open pipe by the highway under some tall grass.

"Although it has been hard to absorb her loss, I am comforted to learn that she is now warm, cared for and free in spirit.

In Memory of Kaylee.

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