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Aggressive No More! How An Animal Communicator Can Help Cats Overcome Aggressive Behavior.


Joyce called me when she was at her wit's end with her cat friend Scamper's aggressive behavior toward anyone who dared to enter their home. The last straw came when Scamper attacked an appliance repairman. Scamper leapt out, gave a long, threatening hiss and then charged toward the man as he worked under the sink. Disciplining Scamper for his aggressive behavior (squirting him, reprimands and swats on Scamper's rear end) only seemed to escalate his behavior the next time someone entered the apartment.

After communicating with Scamper, I discovered that he considered himself "king" of Joyce's small apartment and that by attacking repairmen, Joyce's friends and even her parents, Scamper was asserting his dominance as the alpha male in her home. Rather than try to discipline Scamper into submission, I worked with Scamper to acknowledge his status as the alpha male who does not need to prove his dominance over others. Today Scamper has discovered new ways to feel like a "king" and has not leapt out and attacked anyone in Joyce's home since!


Joyce writes:


"Scamper is a very well behaved, but dignified kitty now. My mom and dad came over to visit this weekend and had not seen Scamper in a long time. It has always been a running joke about his "attack" cat tendencies, but this time, he was just a calm kitty to them.

"Scamper has always been very loyal to me and it gives me great pleasure to be able to have a calm sanctuary for the both of us. It was so great to have you to turn to for answers, and to provide understanding for what was going on in his kitty soul. You provided practical solutions and coaching, and much appreciated encouragement during the rough spots. I am grateful for all of your invaluable advice."

Scamper no longer attacks visitors.

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