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Pet Psychic helps locate missing parrot bird in Cairo, Egypt.

Adel contacted me because Alexa his African Grey Parrot had accidentally fallen off the balcony of their apartment. By the time that Adel was able to get down to the street below their apartment Alexa was no longer there. Adel looked everywhere on the street and could not find Alexa. Adel feared that Alexa had become disoriented and flown off or that someone had picked Alexa up and had taken Alexa somewhere. Adel put up reward posters in the area and also contacted me to use my animal communicator skills to help locate Alexa. I had helped Adel find one of his other parrots in the past so Adel decided to call me right away.

When I communicated with Alexa, I found out that she was alive, but she was either sleeping or unconscious. Alexa thought that she was near Adel’s apartment, but she had not heard Adel’s voice. Alexis showed me that she was on the balcony of a light colored building or home, there was a light colored curtain nearby and a box. Alexa did not remember how she got to the balcony.

When I shared the information with Adel, he went from building to building in his neighborhood. He spoke to the owner of his local convenience store who remembered that a man had come in to the convenience store and asked for a box the evening that Alexa went missing.

Thankfully, Adel was able to track the man who was keeping Alexa down at a local mosque. Adel found out the man had been keeping Alexa on his apartment balcony in a box and planned to keep Alexa. Adel gave the man a reward and brought Alexa home.

As you can see from the picture, Alexa is happy to be home!

Adel of Cairo, Egypt texted me the good news and this wonderful review of using my services to help locate Alexa.

“Hello Hillary, how are you. Just wanted to let you know that I just found Alexa my African Grey. She is safe and sound. I can’t believe I found her. Followed your instructions last night… a guy found her and put had her in a box. When I went to his looked exactly like your description.. thanks a lot for your help and time. I highly appreciate it."

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