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Pet Psychic helps coax a scared, missing Persian cat come home in Dyer, Indiana.

Dana's Persian cat Panda snuck out of the back door of their home that had been left open by accident. Two days had passed with no sightings of Panda. Then Panda came cautiously up to the porch, but ran away again when Dana approached Panda to pick her up. Dana decided to contact me to use my pet psychic skills to help encourage Panda to come out of hiding.

When I communicated with Panda, she shows me that she had been feeling miserable. She thought she would have a little adventure outside but instead she had been bitten by some kind of bug and was scared.

I let Panda know that Dana was trying to help Panda feel better. I also coached Dana on how she could help Panda feel safe coming inside their door.

Thankfully, Panda came home and meowed loudly to announce her arrival. Dana reports that Panda was smelly, but at least she was alive.

Dana of Dyer, Indiana wrote a text review of my pet psychic services.

"Talking to you was very comforting. Once again thank you for your help and for proving me with comfort during the time Panda was lost."

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