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Pet Psychic helps Huntington Beach, California woman find her missing cat Ziggy Stardust.

Georgia of Huntington Beach decided to contact an animal communicator pet psychic because her "scaredy cat" Ziggy Stardust had been missing for 2 days. Ziggy is an indoor only cat, but he tends to follow one of Georgia's other cats everywhere the other cat goes. The other cat broke through a window screen and went outside their home and Ziggy apparently followed. The other cat returned soon after but, Ziggy did not. Georgia had searched her home inside and out, but Ziggy was nowhere to be found.

When I communicated with Ziggy, he showed me that he was thankfully alive. However, Ziggy had become frightened when he saw a light colored cat or small dog in the distance and Ziggy had gone into hiding. Ziggy showed he was hiding about two homes away near a light colored patio or driveway, near a rope or cable or garden hose and near a beige colored home with light colored trim. He had heard people's voices, but he was too afraid to come out for fear that the light colored cat or dog would attack Ziggy.

I gave Georgia some suggestions about how to coax Ziggy out of hiding because it was very clear that Ziggy had concealed himself too well for Georgia to find.

Georgia texted me the next day with good news, Ziggy had come home on his own!

Georgia of Huntington Beach, California writes this glowing review of Hilary Renaissance pet psychic:

"I just wanted to say thank you so much! Ziggy came home last night and we are eternally grateful!"

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