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Pet Psychic helps locate missing cat who escaped from car at gas station in Ortona, California.

Regina contacted a pet psychic because the cat Sheeva had escaped from her harness in one of the worst possible places, a gas station parking lot next to a busy freeway! Regina had just recently adopted Sheeva from a cat rescue organization and was transporting Sheeva by car to her home more than a two hour drive away. When Regina stopped at a gas station and opened her car door, somehow Sheeva was so scared that she slipped her harness and escaped within seconds of time. Regina had been trying to find Sheeva for about 6 hours when she decided to contact a pet psychic animal communicator for help locating her lost cat.

When I communicated with Sheeva, she let me know that she had run to what looked like two large dumpsters or boxes with a small gap or space between the two dumpsters. Then Sheeva had gone in a nearby hole. Sheeva showed me that if she came out of the hole where she was hiding that she would be able to see the two dumpsters with a gap of space in-between them. Sheeva let me know that she had heard Regina calling her but, Sheeva was too afraid to come out of hiding. Everything including the car ride and being in a new location and feeling like Regina was chasing her had scared Sheeva.

When I told Regina where Sheeva was hiding, Regina reported that there were two dumpsters with the gap between them. The two dumpsters were around the corner of the gas station where Regina had parked her car.

I gave Regina some suggestions about how to coax Sheeva out of hiding.

The next morning, Regina called to share the good news. Sheeva had been found close to the dumpsters at 5 am the next morning. All of Regina's hard work and coaxing had paid off. Regina was able to scoop Sheeva up and continue their journey home.

Regina of Temecula, California gave a glowing phone testimonial, "Everything was exactly like you said! The two dumpsters with a space between them is where I found her."

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